Reflecting on LeBron’s Decision



No, we’re not talking about THAT Decision.. We’re talking about the Decision to reverse the Decision and return “home” to the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are in the NBA Finals right now.

Many of you understand I’m a personal Miami Heat fan, so you can see where I’m going with this, but I have a good point, I assure you. I tell you what ESPN won’t, why it was the wrong business move to make a South Beach exit and head back to the rocking state of Ohio.



It’s Cleveland
For starters… It’s Cleveland. Over fifty years have passed (1964) since a championship has been won for a Cleveland pro sports team. It’s always been the place that no championship could seem to be brought there. The Ravens figured that out and left the Cleveland area to head to Baltimore, winning two Super Bowls since then.. just saying.

Also we must note, LeBron brought this team single handedly to the NBA Finals back in 2007, when they were steamrolled by the Spurs in a sweep.



The Injury Bug
This catches many by surprise. He left Miami because of this reason, right? Wade’s knees weren’t going to hold up? But if you look at where he went instead, he would be required to carry the load. Irving’s never been able to stay healthy, not at Duke (unfortunately for me), and not in the NBA. Kevin Love even has some wear and tear on himself. I guess it didn’t help that Anderson Varejao got hurt early on in the season too. But with the team Miami had, they could afford to rest Wade 30-35 games a year, LeBron 10-15, and Bosh could even take some rest too, especially with chemistry already being established. But Cleveland? Nope. They needed to play, and they got worn out.



This is obvious. This was the reason LeBron transferred his talents in the first place, was Miami offered to give him something Cleveland never did in 7 years, and that was help. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, two #1 guys on their respective teams, and it was a crystal clear decision for James, to join forces in South Beach for pursuit of multiple championships. Did it not work? Four years, four Finals appearances, two rings. This would be like Russell Wilson leaving the Seahawks for a place known for poor scouting and lacking in free agent pursuits (ironically, this would be Cleveland).

Pat Riley could have fixed whatever LeBron found wrong. Has Riley not put the Heat in a good position for the future? He brought in hard-surfaced diamond Hassan Whiteside, he somehow traded for Goran Dragic, and if it wasn’t for an unexpected blood clot for Chris Bosh, this team would’ve been able to recoup for a NBA Playoff seed.

The Verdict
LeBron has destroyed his reputation among the common basketball fans, after not only leaving Cleveland for a “Big 3” in Miami, but for a newer and younger “Big 3” in Cleveland. James made the ultimate decision to leave the stable and near-perfect boyfriend, to go back to the abusive boyfriend that she recently dumped.

James will be known as a great basketball player, the best of this generation. ESPN will continue to have Brian Windhorst, Rachel Nichols, and Stephen A all in on LeBron updates. Any major event to happen in society, you’ll see a tweet by LeBron (@KingJames) on air. You’ll still see the man in the playoffs… You might even, when all said and done, believe LeBron’s in the class of MJ, if one day you don’t believe he’s surpassed Jordan.

However, you won’t remember LeBron as a great businessman.


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