Preseason.. We’re Talking About Preseason!

Preseason.. We’re talking about preseason! I just hope we DON’T win a game!

Ah, who knew Allen Iverson could be relevant in 2015, let alone relevant in football, not even going to dig as far down as to being relevant to NFL PRESEASON games!! But I suppose he can be.

This time of year, many are talking about the NFL Preseason, as they should. I mean, come on.. Football is back!! What could possibly be more important in the sports world than football? Basketball’s dead, baseball excites a select few, and we’ve been surviving off horse races and golf. So it is completely natural for a football fan to explore his love for the sport again, renewing it, refreshing it, and restoring it. However, they focus on the wrong things about preseason.

I can not use my memory to begin to count how many shared posts I’ve seen on Facebook of fans sharing the results of games, and saying they are bound for a great season – even are Super Bowl bound. But this is entirely wrong, because what they fail to realize is after the preseason, each team’s record is set to 0-0 and then the real games begin. Just ask the 2008 Detroit Lions, because they would bask in all their glory after having a perfect, unblemished 4-0 preseason record……. Only to become the only team in league history to have an imperfect, completely blemished 0-16 regular season.

So wait, Jaw-Man, hold up here a second… Are you telling us that the preseason means nothing to what our team will do in January?

On the contrary, I’m telling you it means bunches. Let me tell you why we have the preseason in the first place.

If you hadn’t noticed, guys like Aaron Rodgers and Adrian Peterson and Calvin Johnson Jr, they don’t have that great of stat-lines. Perhaps they only play a drive? A quarter? They sometimes will sit a game due to “soreness”. If you have the slightest knowledge of football, “soreness” would not keep one of these franchise centerpieces out of a game that could dictate whether they get a playoff seed, or if they’ll be hosting a Super Bowl party in their gigantic house. But if you’ve noticed, guys like Kenjon Barner and Chase Daniel are trending with monster performances. As a matter of fact, they’re playing to put food on the table right now, and that’s not something the mainstream media, or the social media, would feed you. Anyway, these great stats put up by Daniel and Barner doesn’t mean they will unseat the starter (Alex Smith and DeMarco Murray).

The preseason is for guys like Barner and Daniel. It’s also for offensive units like Tampa Bay and Tennessee, with rookie quarterbacks who will have to be in rhythm Week 1 (which ironically, these two teams do meet in Week 1). It’s also for teams to get an idea of what some undrafted rookie free agents can do at the NFL level, and give them a chance to show they belong, if nowhere else, than the practice squad.

Overall, you probably don’t care about specific players who you won’t remember their name for a week, and from a college that you have no idea where it may be located. You probably care about your team and want them to succeed.. Understandable. Then you’re going to look at the tiny adjustments you made in the offseason. Do you have a new offensive line unit? You need to watch how the running game does, as well as if your QB has time to throw in the pocket. Do you have a new defensive coordinator? You need to watch and see how this defense is responding on the field, and if they are grasping the playbook. Something to watch out for is on-field confusion, 12 men on field, bickering on the field, and sleeping at the snap of the ball.

This is basically to tell you, that preseason records don’t mean a thing. You can be 4-0, or you can be 0-4, yet it doesn’t matter. Most starters don’t play more than a game and a half combined in the month-span. So don’t get caught up in the wins and losses, and get more caught up in the details these coaches are trying to work out, so they can win games beginning in September.


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