Gurley’s Motor Functioning NOW!

Many, including myself, were hesitant of using a 1st-round pick on Todd Gurley this past spring, and for good reason. We have only seen one man, going by the name of Adrian Peterson, to come back from a torn ACL injury as a running back and have a stellar year. However, did anyone suspect the Gurley Man’s motor to be running now?

Well, no. The title was misleading, as Rams head coach Jeff Fisher wants to ease Todd in, likely limiting his carries in football games and gradually get him to not only playing speed, but pro football playing speed. There’s word he may even be deactivated the first couple weeks of the 2015 regular season.

But have no fear, Tre Mason is here!

Mason was drafted last year out of Auburn after having an amazing 23-touchdown season for the Tigers, not to mention rushing for over 1800 yards. He then had 4 touchdowns last season with only 179 carries, as well as averaging over four yards a carry, which is good enough to be a starting back in the NFL. To me, this is why the 10th overall pick came as a shock to me, to see the Rams non-ideally take a running back with their first round pick with woes elsewhere, even one of superstar stature as Todd Gurley.

We all know what’s happened to Trent Richardson, with all this hype coming out of college, and he’s been on 3 teams, and just got cut from his 3rd, as he was proven not to be one of the 75-best players on the OAKLAND RAIDERS. Ever since I’ve been hesitant in anyone drafting a 1st-round back, and to add on Gurley’s ACL injury, I’m not entirely sure this was a great pick for the Rams, even if others disagree with this gut feeling of mine.

Todd Gurley’s motor doesn’t need to be functioning now. But I wanted to make you aware that it will have to function at full-go next season, or else that lawnmower may be sold, especially with a more-than-capable mower (Tre Mason) in the woodshed.


UPDATE: It was announced Sep 8th that Gurley would miss the team’s first 3 games.


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