NFL’s 2015 Breakout Players

This is something I wish to do for the NFL, NBA, and wrestling at the very least. Baseball’s in question because of how their farm systems workSince it is football time, I figured I’d go ahead and get this over with. The amount of football content on this site is outrageous, but let’s go with it. What I’ll be doing with this article, is just giving you a list of some of the players you need to watch out for having BIG years. Just a few…

Rueben Randle
BREAKOUT; Giants WR Rueben Randle
This kid has impressed me, and it was in the 2012 NFL Draft he was the final one to exit the green room, making his way to MetLife Stadium. Now playing for the G-Men, he’s been under the radar. Once a premier talent one of the better wide receiver prospects in that 2012 Draft, he’s now become an afterthought behind Victor Cruz, and now the popular kid overnight, Odell Beckham Jr.

I’m sorry, but I have a feeling Victor Cruz is going to have an injury plagued season, that’s just a gut feeling of mine, and I’m praying for it not to be true. But if Cruz goes down, the defenses only have to zoom in on Beckham. Yes, Larry Donnell can pose a threat, but he’s not going to warrant shutting him down in order to win the game. Then there is where Rueben Randle comes in. I think he can play the second-option when needed this season, and Eli should have the confidence to get this man the ball. Only 131 catches in his first three years, and wouldn’t be surprised if he makes it to 200.

Tyler Eifert
BREAKOUT; Bengals TE Tyler Eifert
Another pass-catcher who was highly praised coming out of the draft. Being a product of Notre Dame, that’s produced Kyle Rudolph, John Carlson and Dave Casper, I feel Eifert could exceed all that’s come before him, including the Hall of Famer latterly mentioned.

Let’s face it… If Andy Dalton is going to survive the year, he needs to utilize ALL the options around him. He has AJ Green, he has Mohamed Sanu, and he has a first round tight end. A weapon arsenal like this should be destroying the league, if Dalton’s the real deal. So far, many know what Green’s capable of, and Sanu has had flashes, but it all relies on them getting Eifert involved in this offense. Will he be? Yes, more so than ever, I imagine.

Mark Ingram
BREAKOUT; Saints RB Mark Ingram
This is full of great college players fizzled in the NFL so far. I’m a huge advocate for Ingram and feel he’s going to be not only the guy in Louisiana, but he’ll have similar success DeMarco Murray had for the Cowboys, with the additions of Andrus Peat and Max Unger.

New Orleans is moving to a more run-focused offense, taking pressure off Drew Brees and hopefully prolonging his career. Some like CJ Spiller in NOLA, but I feel Spiller will fill the purpose of a change-of-pace back. Ingram’s going to handle the load and be New Orleans’ only chance of competing in the NFC South.

Tyrod Taylor
BREAKOUT; Bills QB Tyrod Taylor
It has been a while since we saw a quarterback sit behind years and years before finally getting a chance, winning the job in preseason. Something tells me this kid won’t disappoint. Maybe that something is called Sammy Watkins and LeSean McCoy, but hey!

He beat out EJ Manuel and Matt Cassel, so you can take that along with your opinion of those two quarterbacks, but Manuel hasn’t been awful and Cassel has been a decent starter in the league. If Taylor was able to beat the guys out and impress Rex Ryan, I say he should have a chance this season! Again, he has Watkins and McCoy… and Charles Clay! Don’t forget the Clayman.

Notable mentions are Falcons QB Matt Ryan and Dolphins RB Lamar Miller, two established starters in the league, but could breakout into that next elite level.


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    1. Hello sir!! 84 balls last season for Landry. He’s clearly a talent, but I just want to see him not have the sophomore slump. So far, so good, basing it off the preseason and his game in Week 1 (8 catches, 53 yards, 1 punt return TD). You also have Greg Jennings, Rishard Matthews, Kenny Stills, and my favorite, DeVante Parker (he’ll come into his own in 2-3 years).

      But let’s remember, Landry has to go up against the Jets, Bills, and Patriots. Worst defense in that is New England, yet I don’t count out Belicheck,

      And thank you so, so much for the comment!!


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