NFL Sunday’s Recap (WEEK ONE)

I know we have Thursday night games, and we have Monday night games (two tonight, actually) but the NFL runs its business on Sunday afternoons, beginning at 1 pm eastern, going to nearly midnight. But I know some people are busy on Sundays, and even if you do watch the NFL all day, there’s certain spots you miss! Here’s where you’re caught up. :)

Packers 31 @ Bears 23 (PREDICTED CORRECTLY)
Chiefs 27 @ Texans 20 (PREDICTED CORRECTLY)
Browns 10 @ Jets 31 (INCORRECT)
Colts 14 @ Bills 27 (PREDICTED CORRECTLY)
Dolphins 17 @ Redskins 10 (INCORRECT)
Panthers 20 @ Jaguars 9 (PREDICTED CORRECTLY)
Seahawks 31 @ Rams 34 OT (PREDICTED CORRECTLY)
Saints 19 @ Cardinals 31 (INCORRECT)
Lions 28 @ Chargers 33 (INCORRECT)
Titans 42 @ Buccaneers 14 (INCORRECT)
Bengals 33 @ Raiders 13 (PREDICTED CORRECTLY)
Ravens 13 @ Broncos 19 (INCORRECT)
Giants 26 @ Cowboys 7 (PREDICTED CORRECTLY)

Going back to the #WeeklyFood picks, I came into Sunday 1-0 after the Patriots/Steelers game. I owned the 1 o’clock slot, 5-2. Then the 4 o’clock, I only was 1-4. Thankfully, the Cowboys won, making me a grand total of 8-6 this week. This means you will have to wait at least another week to see me suffer through some nasty dish or snack.

Marcus Mariota throws Perfect Game in Tampa
This was magnificent, and I don’t believe I’ll stop talking about it. Had only 3 incomplete passes, 4 touchdowns, 158.3 passer rating (perfect), and he only played 3 quarters. Much better day than Jameis Winston.

Ndamukong Suh Suspended?
In his Dolphins debut, Ndamukong Suh tackled Redskins RB Alfred Morris and “kicked” his helmet off. The league has come out Monday morning and said he did not kick Morris, and won’t face any league discipline.

Adam “Pacman” Jones Facing Suspension
Pacman welcomed rookie Raiders WR Amari Cooper to the league, getting on top of him, pushing his helmet off, and slamming Cooper’s head into the helmet – pretty blatant. There’s been no sentence from the NFL yet, but I think it’s going to be a 2-game suspension at the very least.

Tony Romo Leads Another Game-Winning Drive
So I don’t make a whole article on this, Romo led a game-winning drive versus the Giants last night, 1:37, no timeouts, without Dez. He found “Mr. Reliable” Jason Witten in the endzone with 7 seconds to spare, which is the latest time left in a game-winning drive for the Cowboys in their luxurious history.

Pete Carroll Decides to Run The Ball
On 4th down, late in the game, 1-yard line.. They chose to run it with Marshawn Lynch instead of giving Jimmy Graham or one of the receivers a chance to make a play and keep the drive alive. This was the final play in overtime, losing to division rival Rams.

O’Brien Loses Confidence in Hoyer
Texans head coach Bill O’Brien said he’s unsure if they’ll move forward with Hoyer as the starter. This comes after he was benched in the 4th, down 27-9 to the Chiefs at home. Hoyer turned the ball over twice, and the final score ended up the Texans losing 27-20 after Mallett took over….. Didn’t I see this coming? (check the Bold Predictions post, as well as #WeeklyFood once more)

Ravens DE Terrell Suggs (Torn Achilles, season-ending injury)
Browns QB Josh McCown (Concussion, Status Unknown)
Cardinals RB Andre Ellington (Knee, hopes to return Week 5)
Chargers OL DJ Fluker (High Ankle Sprain, out 4-6 weeks)
Colts WR TY Hilton (Bruised Knee, day-to-day)
Cowboys WR Dez Bryant (Broken Foot, out 4-6 weeks)
Cowboys DE Randy Gregory (High Ankle Sprain, out 4-6 weeks)
Panthers LB Luke Kuechly (Concussion, Status Unknown)
Raiders QB Derek Carr (Hand Injury, expected to miss Week 2)
Redskins WR DeSean Jackson (Hamstring, out 3-4 weeks)

That’s your NFL Sunday recap and what you needed to know from September 13th. Enjoy Monday Night Football tonight, and have a blessed week!!


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