#D46 Power Rankings: Week 1

We have one week in the books, and for the only time this year, half the teams are undefeated and half are winless! That’s just the thing about it. So this may be completely different from my Preseason Rankings, which you can see here. You can find this out below!

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — This team not only lost to what I felt to be the worst team entering the season (Tennessee), but lost at home 42-14, giving up a perfect passer rating to the guy they passed on in May.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars — Couldn’t come away with a win at home versus a weakened Carolina team, and I considered them for dead last.

30. Cleveland Browns — The one thing I’m scratching my head on is why I took them to beat the Jets in the first place, being awful in openers, and being on the road (and being Cleveland).

29. Chicago Bears — I can’t put this team higher than they were in the preseason rankings. But they weren’t blown out! Impressed?

28. Oakland Raiders — I expected them to lose, but give the Bengals a run for their money. Grant it, Carr left hurt, but they couldn’t manage to stay close at home.

27. Tennessee Titans — Many are hopping on the Titans bandwagon, and they should slow down. 5-6 win team, as nobody’s around to help Mariota.

26. Minnesota Vikings — Lost to the team I have ranked higher than them. Told you to slow your role.

25. San Fransisco 49ers — Didn’t expect them to win dominantly at home. Carlos Hyde may end up being Gore’s permanent replacement.

24. New York Jets — Moves up 1 after a lopsided victory over the Browns at home. Impressive, but let’s see them do this against the Colts this upcoming week, at Lucas Oil.

23. Washington Redskins — To me, their offense didn’t seem as good as it should have been. This is why they’re 23 this week instead of 22.

22. Houston Texans — I predicted a loss at home and questions at QB to arise, but I didn’t expect the QB controversy to come this early! Bill O’Brien read my Bold Predictions… BILL O’BRIEN READS MY SITE! (and thinks I’m smarter than him, too)

21. Carolina Panthers — Didn’t want to rank them this high. But Kuechly leaves with a concussion and they win a road game. They also run into a dysfunctional team on the road, Houston.

20. New Orleans Saints — What happened? Did they not want to emphasize the run game more? Hopefully they learned from their mistakes in Arizona.

19. Atlanta Falcons — What an impressive win against the Eagles. I thought they would get steamrolled, and they didn’t. Dan Quinn is making this defense want to play. My highest ranked NFC South team, and after this week, by far looked the best.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers — They had Tom Brady and no Le’Veon Bell. Can you really penalize them for this?

17. Philadelphia Eagles — If you saw my Preseason Rankings, then you’ll notice I switched the Penn teams. But the Eagles lost, why do they move up? Why are they ranked higher than Atlanta? They showed fight in the second half, coming back down dead to rights (sorry Parkey).

16. New York Giants — SHOULD have beat the Cowboys. That’s all I’m gonna say.

15. Baltimore Ravens — What a big hit they took losing Terrell Suggs for the year, and even bigger starting 0-1. Losing Torrey Smith in free agency and Suggs in the opener? This is going to be tough.

14. Detroit Lions — Honestly should have went to San Diego and beat them after a harsh loss to the Cowboys, but didn’t. Worries me. Caldwell isn’t that great of a head coach, either.

13. Arizona Cardinals — Handled business versus New Orleans and an impressive outing for Carson Palmer, more than I expected. If they can annihilate the Bears next week, who knows? Maybe they’re in the top 10.

12. Miami Dolphins — I didn’t expect them to win, but they did. Tannehill didn’t look great, but that’s a hard defense to play on the road.

11. St. Louis Rams — Moving five spots up is a big deal. I hope it’s not an overreaction! I began to worry after hearing Benny Cunningham was their running back, but they pulled through against the Seahawks.

10. Cincinnati Bengals — In reality, they beat Oakland. I can’t move them too far ahead, even if it was a blowout.

9. Denver Broncos — This team beat the Ravens, but drop so far because they didn’t look like an elite team. Questions must arise with Peyton Manning. But people rose questions about Brady last year… Who knows?

8. Dallas Cowboys — Dallas falls, not because the Giants game was close (it always is), but because of the holes shown. Giving the ball away, defense taking major step back from what we saw last year, and dysfunction offensively was the cause of this. I almost moved them back to 10. Could be on their way there with no Dez, Gregory, Hardy, Scandrick, or McClain.

7. Kansas City Chiefs — Only move up one because they were beating Houston, but nearly gave it away. Plus, this defense should have had a field day with that horrific offense anyway!

6. Indianapolis Colts — Lost to a good defensive team at home. Nothing to be ashamed of, but I must move them outside the top 5.

5. Buffalo Bills — Moving all the way up to where the Colts were in my first rankings. Falling in love with this team after what Tyrod Taylor was able to do, as well as embarrassing the Colts. Have the Pats next.

4. San Diego Chargers — They did beat Detroit at home. I don’t know what that says, but it warrants a spot in the Top 5.

3. Seattle Seahawks — Lost in overtime when they finally handed off the ball to Marshawn Lynch. Pete Carroll’s mind broadened after Super Bowl 49. Need to find a way to make a win-win deal with Chancellor.

2. Green Bay Packers — Honestly, I felt they should have blown the Bears out, but it was a division rival game. They get Seattle in Lambeau this week, which will be a game jockeying for position in my rankings.

1. New England Patriots — The defending Super Bowl champs claim the #1 spot after a good game versus the Steelers on opening night. Malcolm Butler was excellent and so was Dion Lewis, so we’ll see.


Two big games between the (1)Patriots/(5)Bills and (3)Seahawks/(2)Packers this week. Remember these as you watch them!


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  1. defense took step back? Honestly, I thought they played better Sun night that any game last year, I agree with most of your spots but Colts and bills and KC are no way higher than the cowboys, even with their injuries. Our defense pretty much shut down the giants the whole game.


    1. This defense went against one of the worst offensive lines in football and couldn’t get Eli to the ground. I saw better out of this team last year in games, against Andrew Luck and the Colts even. Grant it, loss of Rolando and Scandrick is a big hit. Not TOO bad against Odell, but he may be going through a sophomore slump…. And Buffalo and Kansas City, at this point in the year, are legit in my opinion. Take it with a grain of salt if you’d like, but that salt’s sugar in disguise……. Thank you for the comment sir. I appreciate the feedback, and wish more did so. :)


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