#WeeklyFood 2 NFL Picks

So last week, I started my picks. I dropped a huge bombshell that I’d have to uphold a .500 percentage while predicting week-in and week-out to have my stomach elude whatever food is thought of nasty. I began last week 6-2, and put out on social media how well I had done… Then four o’clock rolled around and it was all downhill from there, finishing 2-6 and ending up just keeping myself safe at .500… But in my defense, who expected teams like Atlanta and San Fransisco to win on Monday night?

I’ll keep an updated record and percentage week-by-week on these posts so you can keep up with my progress.

RECORD: 8-8 (.500)

Now here’s to the conquest of not only (at least) duplicating my success from opening week, but trying to enhance my percentage to 65% to avoid the worst thing I’ve ever tasted, a second time.

Broncos @ Chiefs :: Kansas City
This Thursday Night game is pretty lopsided. Denver should’ve lost Sunday. The Chiefs mauled the Texans on the road, and return home to face divisional rival. Chiefs all the way.

Texans @ Panthers :: Houston
I predicted a midseason QB change for Houston, and Bill O’Brien listened to me. Now I have to predict they win as road underdogs! (CAR -3.0)

49ers @ Steelers :: Pittsburgh
Pitt should be a .500 team this year, so they need to even it up. Plus, a world where the 49ers dump Harbaugh and lose everything to start 2-0? That’s a world I don’t want to live in!

Buccaneers @ Saints :: New Orleans
I think after a road loss to a tough Arizona defense, going to a dismal Tampa Bay team, it will cause for a Saints offensive frenzy. Should get ugly by halftime.

Lions @ Vikings :: Detroit
I think the hype surrounding Minnesota is getting to them, and I have the confidence in Detroit on the road again this week. They let me down last week, hopefully they don’t this time around.

Cardinals @ Bears :: Arizona
Chicago did better than I thought last week versus the Pack, but if Arizona beat a New Orleans team 31-19, can you imagine what they do to ‘Da Bears’? YIKES!

Patriots @ Bills :: New England
The line’s even, and I would go towards Buffalo, EXCEPT the Bills can’t keep their mouths shut. Plus, how does Rex do versus Brady? The Pats know this system.

Chargers @ Bengals :: Cincinnati
NEARLY picked San Diego, but their travel may cost them. I don’t like either of these teams long term, however. Will falter in the first round of the playoffs, if they make it that far!

Titans @ Browns :: Tennessee
The line’s even for this one too. I think Cleveland has a better defense than Tampa, so it should be closer, but I don’t have trust in Cleveland. They couldn’t beat the Jets on their second string QB.

Falcons @ Giants :: Atlanta
I almost went Giants, remembering a 26-2 victory over the Falcons at the Meadowlands in their latest Super Bowl run, BUT I saw the Giants last week… They didn’t look good.

Rams @ Redskins :: St. Louis
I took Washington at home last week versus the Dolphins. I regret that. I’m sure Nick Foles didn’t forget to NOT throw to the burgundy jerseys from his time in Philly. He’ll destroy them. Destroy!

Dolphins @ Jaguars :: Miami
All I’ll say is, if Miami lets me down on the road versus the JAGUARS, I’m so done… I’ll just be done!

Ravens @ Raiders :: Baltimore
If Oakland couldn’t stop Cincy at home, what makes them think they can stop this AFC North team? Suggs is out, Carr’s status uncertain. You probably don’t want to watch this game.

Cowboys @ Eagles :: Philadelphia
I’m about to be scalded. After HOW they looked versus the Giants, I don’t have that confidence they can beat the Eagles, especially losing Dez Bryant and Randy Gregory. Expect DeMarco to have much more than 8 carries.

Seahawks @ Packers :: Green Bay
Tough luck for Seattle to get a tough two road games to begin the season, but they’ll be 0-2. No way they go to Lambeau and win, especially without Kam Chancellor.

Jets @ Colts :: Indianapolis
Why is this game on national television? May be a close game if the Jets’ defense shows up, but I can’t count on it.

If you would like, I’d love to hear your predictions on the comment section down below! In a battle with the food, I’d also like to enter a little side-war with my followers. :)



2 thoughts on “#WeeklyFood 2 NFL Picks

Add yours

  1. Please recall that the Dolphins did in fact win last week. NO LET DOWN!!
    Denver over KC as Manning rebounds after a dismal start.
    Carolina over Houston with homefield advantage.
    Pittsburgh over SF
    Nawlins over TB
    Minnesota rebounds at home over Detroit
    Da Bears over Arizona…risky but Soldier Field is brutal
    Buffalo over Pats simply because I am a Dolfan
    SD over Cincy – too close to call
    Tennessee over Cleveland as Mariota shines again
    Atlanta soars over NYG
    Washington over Stl
    Phinz over Jags as offense figures it out
    Baltimore over Oakland
    Philly over Dallas as Romo has even fewer targets
    Go Packers! All over Seattle
    Indy trumps NYJ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahahaha, I didn’t mean to put “AGAIN” — I fixed it. I’m just saying, if they let us down against the Jags, that would be bad, very bad… You’re right, the Chargers/Bengals game is close to call… Thank you sir for leaving the predictions!! I’ll keep checking back this weekend to see how each of us are doing.


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