#D46 Power Rankings: Week 2

Like I said in my Sunday Recap, this was one bizarre week (and Thursday/Monday didn’t help either)! I try to rank these teams based on two games…. Try… Just kidding, these are pretty good.

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — This is the only time I can remember my 32nd team winning one week and keeping them at 32. Perhaps it’s 31 and 30 won as well? Or that Tampa Bay still lost to Tennessee. Dallas in 1989 were 1-15. Their only win? Against a division rival. Could be Tampa too!

31. Chicago Bears — Saw that the Bears have the best odd for the #1 pick? I saw it on Facebook, so take that with less than a grain of salt… But if they keep playing like they have been, I won’t doubt it!

30. Jacksonville Jaguars — They’re still the Jaguars. They better be thankful for Chi-town, or else they’d be 31.

29. Tennessee Titans — Honestly, I felt the Cleveland game was an easy 2-0 start to the season. But I was probably still running high on the 158.3 passer rating game, which I wrote an article on here, in case you missed it.

28. San Fransisco 49ers — This is the absolute highest I can rank them. They only put 18 points on that Steelers defense? Gave up 43 to the Steelers without their “Bell Cow”? The Raiders bury one game ball, while the 49ers will bury this whole season when it’s over with.

27. Cleveland Browns — They move up 3 spots because there’s worse teams. This defense is actually good, but their offense is too atrocious to deal with. Now they have a quarterback controversy.

26. Oakland Raiders — Oakland came up with a tough victory versus the Baltimore Ravens and Derek Carr was awesome! Picked Baltimore with it being unknown if Carr would play or not… That was a mistake.

25. New Orleans Saints — Lost two winnable games versus the Cardinals, and then my worst team in the league, the Buccaneers. They’ve lost Brees for some time now. Their running game is not as effective as I thought it would be. They’re lucky I don’t have them at 32!

24. Minnesota Vikings — Adrian Peterson was hot Sunday! They definitely came back from the 49ers loss. Just remember, Dallas lost to the 49ers in Week 1… Am I allowed to fill this Vikings spot of reminding you where Dallas was last season? I probably am, but won’t go into my salutation… Anyways, I need to see more from Minnesota before ranking them higher.

23. Houston Texans — I don’t get this squad being 0-2, but there are worse teams around. Blame it on Hard Knocks, but this is a different team than what we saw last year.

22. Washington Redskins — Only moves up one spot because they beat a Rams team at home, unexpectedly. This is still the Redskins, however.

21. Philadelphia Eagles — This team’s close, in my eyes, to Houston and Washington. Philly looked uglier than the Cinderella stepsister. Unfortunately for them, they can’t get one of them to play on their offensive line.

20. New York Jets — Moving up four spots is impressive. They not only owned the Browns, but they also took care of business on the road versus Andrew Luck and the Colts. Maybe Todd Bowles learned how to coach from Bruce Arians?

19. Carolina Panthers — They got by Houston this past week without Luke Kuechly. I was surprised by this, so this team may actually be worth it in this division without a great receiver or running back. So far, looking like it at 2-0. We’ll have to wait and see, however!

18. Pittsburgh Steelers — SAL may kill me for this, but I won’t move Steelers away from 18 (check my Preseason and Week 1 Rankings). Why? They defeated the 49ers, who are pathetic. This defense is still bad, and I don’t see Pittsburgh moved from this middle region. Maybe next week they beat St. Louis and move out of 18. Who knows?

17. New York Giants — I can’t understand why they are blowing big leads, and there seems to be more turmoil than comfort in the Meadowlands right now, and it’s not the Jets! Maybe they are tanking, because that’s the best explanation I have.

16. Detroit Lions — I would move them further down. Matthew Stafford could miss some time and this Detroit team hasn’t done well to open the season, losing to the Chargers and then the Vikings. Grant it, no DeAndre Levy, but you have to overcome the injuries. I don’t believe they overcome Stafford’s, if he indeed begins to miss a few games.

15. Baltimore Ravens — Let’s be honest, this team lost to OAKLAND! Again, I’ll grant that they lost Terrell Suggs, so I guess that excuse is believable enough to keep them at fifteen this week.

14. Miami Dolphins — They lose to the Jaguars… I wish I could stop there, but their biggest free agent acquisition Ndamukong Suh is now having problems with their defensive coordinator? Why does this Suh experiment feel like a mistake? No, it’s not an experiment, it’s a marriage. They’ll have to live with being unhappy.

13. Indianapolis Colts — I had this as the 6th-best team last week. They’ve dropped all the way down because they’re now 0-2, yes, against great defenses, but this is giving off too much of a Harbaugh vibe. The sand in Pagano’s hourglass is going rather quickly.

12. St. Louis Rams — They defeat the NFC Champion, division rival Seahawks at home.. Go to Washington and lose. They have Pittsburgh this week, but you just don’t know what Rams team you’ll get. I nearly dropped them two at 13, but they’ll be at 12 for now.

11. Atlanta Falcons — They move all the way up to number eleven this week! Up eight spots after showing they can hold onto a lead, as well as come back from a deficit. Dan Quinn’s come in and added something to this team, probably a defense! I didn’t expect him to have much success, considering how much former Seahawks defensive coordinator is doing in Jacksonville now, but Quinn’s been superb!

10. Denver Broncos — Should not have won the game in Arrowhead this week. Defense was great, offense was abysmal to watch. This is clearly not the same Peyton Manning, despite what the media will have you believe.

9. Kansas City Chiefs — I still rank them ahead of the Broncos because they’re the better team, but I highly contemplated moving them down outside the top ten, but I’ll give this Chiefs squad the benefit of the doubt.

8. Cincinnati Bengals — Pretty good by the Bengals to defeat the Chargers, but it was expected (not for Senõr Heacock), but they’ll have to show they’re not the normal Bengals by stringing a few wins together.

7. Seattle Seahawks — Seattle are 0-2, but they’re not a road team and they are without Kam Chancellor. If they can resolve the contract disputes with Chancellor this week and capitalize on the Bears at home this week, they can easily move back to where they were.

6. Arizona Cardinals — I move this team up seven spots, second most to Atlanta. I keep underrating this Cardinals team and they just manhandled the Bears this week, when I expected it to be closer than it was. Could they be the real deal? Let’s hope they don’t get a bighead after Mr. #D46 moved them up in his Power Rankings.

5. Buffalo Bills — Trust me, I nearly moved them down in the Power Rankings, but I couldn’t. They opened their mouths to Brady and the Patriots, and that was a mistake from a team who hasn’t known success the past 20 years. Hopefully they’ve learned from their mistakes.

4. San Diego Chargers — This is another team who has no change after losing this week. This Chargers team has Minnesota next week, and if they can beat the Vikings, they can prove themselves good for this spot.

3. Dallas Cowboys — I didn’t want to move them up this far, I truly didn’t, but they did own the Eagles when they should’ve been blown out by hundreds. I finally got a “You’re Right” by my sports mentor SAL. This defense is legit without Scandrick, Hardy, Gregory, and Rolando. I don’t know if they stay here long with losing Romo and Bryant for quite some time, but they (and I) will enjoy being 2-0 while it lasts.

2. Green Bay Packers — They defeat the Chancellor-less Seahawks at Lambeau. Did you expect any less? Didn’t love Aaron Rodgers’ comments afterwards, however. If I showed my biased, I would have put Dallas over the Cheeseheads. But I’m glad Rodgers could talk smack to Wilson after RW3 ended Aaron’s Super Bowl aspirations last year.

1. New England Patriots — They took care of business against a tough Bills defense at a place they normally struggle, and this is my unanimous number one team. Tom Brady single-handedly delivered this win. I look at their next 7 games, and the only two they could potentially lose is the Dolphins and Jets, division rival games. How are they doing this after the hits they took on defense? My goodness!


If you disagreed with me on any, feel free to speak out, but don’t expect to be right!!


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