Monday Night RELIEF (Sep. 21, 2015)

So, I have a confession to make. It is often I push Raw to the side until the end of the week, or I wait several weeks until THE weekend of the Pay-Per-View. I normally watch these in turbo mode. Truth is, I just don’t have the time to watch 3 hours of wrestling on Monday nights. Perhaps there’s a football game I’m more interested in, or like last night, I’m trying to work on school. However, this is the one of many habits I’m trying to eliminate from my slothfulness, considering I aim to do one of these each Tuesday, and that is Monday Night Ra… I mean, RELIEF!

Basically I will save ones 185 minutes of their time by telling them what they needed to know from Monday Night Raw. This, however, is a test run series. If it stops after 2-3, just know it likely won’t be moving forward with the site, and I just want to be upfront about that. So what do we need to know?

Randy Orton comes to the rescue of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose
I felt this was funny. My brother, my dad, and myself normally like to predict who will win outcomes at the Pay-Per-View, and we started with who would be the mystery partner. My brother said Bo Dallas (only so he could say “BO-lieve in the Shield”), I said Kane (he actually returned at Night of Champions), and then my dad said Randy Orton would team up with Reigns and Ambrose… And then Orton answers the “Y2J” chants last night and eventually evened the odds. This was only a good 10-minute brawl to open the show, as I loved this as well. They really sold Braun Strowman, as he got hit with just about everything and wasn’t taken off his feet. Instead, Strowman is knocked through the ropes and the look on Bray Wyatt’s face told the story.

Neville and Lucha Dragons defeat Stardust and The Ascension
You need to know this because it doesn’t look like this feud will end anytime soon. And personally, by the time it’s all said and done, I hope Stardust and The Ascension emerge as the ones who killed this rivalry. It would help The Ascension tremendously restore their credibility.

Ryback defeats Bo Dallas, Kevin Owens at Commentary
If you missed this, you missed a treat. I, for one, would watch a 6-year old wrestle a 14-year old if Kevin Owens was doing commentary. Bo Dallas was pretty special on the microphone before getting hammered. Then after the match, Owens obviously attacked Ryback. However, Ryback fought back and hit the Meat Hook Clothesline, and Owens scurried away. You can expect Ryback to get a rematch, at the Madison Square Garden event on October 3rd, or the next Pay-Per-View.

PCB Breaks Up
I’m a sucker for the Flair family with Ric and Charlotte, as Ric Flair came out and said the proudest moment in the business was seeing his daughter win the Divas Championship. He then introduced Charlotte, who came out with Becky Lynch and Paige, and then it became emotional. Theeeeeeen Paige took the microphone away from Charlotte, trashed the entire divas division, and turned her back on the ones she helped bring onto the main roster. This was definitely a heel turn by Paige, and it should have been expected, but it happened far too quick. Call me stupid for this, but I would have much rather it happen after Charlotte had a couple defenses against Nikki Bella and whoever, and have the fans actually see it in Paige’s facial expression that she was getting jealous of Charlotte’s spotlight. Instead, they did it way too soon, when they could have made an instant rivalry with it two months down the road.

Then afterwards, Charlotte made Brie Bella tap to the Figure Eight.

Sheamus Declares
After an easy win over the hometown boy Mark Henry, Mr. Money in the Bank Sheamus took to the mic to tell the WWE Universe that it was only a matter of time before he cashed in to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. If I could add my two sense in, it likely comes anywhere from January to May, with Rollins likely weaseling his way out after Sheamus has already cashed in.

The New Day and Rusev defeats The Dudley Boyz and Dolph Ziggler
The good news? The Dudley Boyz will continue to challenge for the WWE Tag Team Championships, and their fair rematch was invoked for October 3rd at MSG. The bad news? There’s the real possibility we haven’t seen the end of Ziggler and Rusev. The ugly news? Dolph Ziggler superkicked Xavier Woods after he was done playing the trumpet. Luckily, Ziggler got what was coming to him, as Rusev superkicked Dolph and actually won the match.

Naomi defeats Natalya
Natalya returned tonight, and after exchanging some words with Paige backstage after PCB’s breakup, Natalya lost to Naomi in her first match back.

Big Show defeats Cesaro
This is probably the more upsetting thing that happened all night. Big Show versus Brock Lesnar is scheduled for Madison Square Garden, and they used this to hype Big Show to be a viable opponent for Lesnar. Show took it to Cesaro and actually won, then getting on the mic and bringing up the fact he beat Lesnar well over a decade ago. So instead of Cesaro getting into the world title picture anytime soon, he’ll be jobbing to Big Show, who is going to get slaughtered in his own right by the Beast Incarnate! Wonderful job, WWE!

The Main Storyline; Seth Rollins and Corporate/Demon Kane
So the big deal on Raw was Rollins and Kane, the entire night. Began with Seth Rollins entering The Authority’s office, only to find Corporate Kane sipping on a coffee mug. Kane said in his first night back, he had given Rollins his rematch clause with John Cena for the United States Championship. Rollins left and found The Authority and complained, but they didn’t truly believe Rollins when he said Kane was back as Director of Operations. Each time Kane was on the screen, he played as if he didn’t know a thing about chokeslamming Rollins at Night of Champions. Then at the end of the night, Rollins lost his rematch to John Cena, followed up by Corporate Kane giving a few encouragement words on a video that played on the titantron. Then Demon Kane rose from the hole in the mat and took him down with him… So what it looks like to me is, Kane may be the one next in line for a WWE World Heavyweight Title shot versus “The Man” Seth Rollins.

What was Left on the Table?
This is not a shot at the Dudley Boyz, but if this series continues, I’d like to do what was left on the table, or what was left with no TV time…. I think the obvious can be stated, and that there was no Sting. The entire internet was blown up yesterday about Sting’s injury, and in case I missed it, they didn’t even mention it once. Sting was at one point rumored to begin Monday Night Raw, but that was the brawl instead. For ones who like honesty, Sting was the only reason I watched last night, or else it would’ve been put off for a couple of weeks. So I’m disappointed after all that, they wouldn’t let Sting come out and at least motivate the fans, if not talk about the injury suffered the night before.

So that’s all you really have to know from Monday Night Raw, as I basically covered it all. Rate this if you enjoyed, comment your thoughts as well, especially if you want this series to be a constant thing.


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