#WeeklyFood 3 NFL Picks

So two weeks in, I’ve already lost and had my first food punishment… It was not pleasant. As you can see in the YouTube below, I swallowed my 6-10 record for the week, and ate Chimichangas for supper.

I’ll keep an updated record and percentage week-by-week on these posts so you can keep up with my progress.

RECORD: 14-18 (43.7%)

I now try to get back on a good streak and avoid another a low-moment in my life. (BTW, shout-out to Mr. Scott Heacock for a 7-9 record last week! He did better than me, but he should eat the Chimichangas also.)

Redskins @ Giants :: Washington
It was a game I was iffy on, could go either way, as it’s a division rival game and these teams aren’t that great. I think they discovered Matt Jones, so he or Morris could get some big carries. Plus, Washington’s given up the least amount of yards this season in the NFL. Grant it, this is their first road test and first true receiver threat, so we’ll see.

Falcons @ Cowboys :: Atlanta
Two 2-0 teams but this shouldn’t be close. Cowboys’ only hope is defense, but like Washington, they’re going to be tested with receivers. Dallas has not one, but two receivers to cover (Roddy White and Julio Jones). I don’t see the Cowboys coming out on top. Plus, Atlanta’s defense seems legit.

Colts @ Titans :: Indianapolis
It is a rival game, so another coin flip. However, if the Colts begin the season 0-3, there’s major issues, and especially up against this Titans defense. I just think they can play better against a weaker D.

Raiders @ Browns :: Cleveland
Another tossup, but this isn’t a division game. Yes, Johnny Football’s not playing, and instead it’s Josh McCown. We finally get a good look at McCown. I wouldn’t blame anyone for Oakland here, but I don’t know if Amari Cooper is ready for Joe Haden yet.

Bengals @ Ravens :: Cincinnati
Bunch of close calls I’m seeing this week, but I give the edge to the Bengals. They’re great at the start of the season and I don’t see the Ravens finding an answer to the Suggless defense. Also, Cincy has the better defense statistically through two weeks.

Jaguars @ Patriots :: New England
I won’t waste my time explaining this. If you’re that ignorant to the game of football to predict otherwise, you’re not worth my time! But please, continue reading my content. :)

Saints @ Panthers :: Carolina
They’re saying Brees won’t miss a lot of time, but this offense is dysfunctional as it is, and they’re going against a decent defense in Carolina. The records on these teams should be reversed, but I don’t see that reverse coming Sunday.

Eagles @ Jets :: New York (Jets)
Speaking of teams who should have inverse records.. I just look at Philly’s offense and how bad it’s been, and what the Jets did to the Colts and to my record for last week. Plus, Philadelphia might have just lost DeMarco Murray and Kiko Alonso. This is coming apart quicker than I expected.

Buccaneers @ Texans :: Houston
Many feel Houston is desperate for a win at 0-2, and I agree. The Colts are 0-2, the Jags/Titans are 1-1, so it’s a much winnable division. Houston better be able to outscore Tampa. Although, the Bucs have the leading sacker for this season (Jacquies Smith). Maybe Watt will reclaim his throne.

Chargers @ Vikings :: San Diego
The line’s MIN -1.0, so it’s expected to be a tight game. In a tight game, I like Philip Rivers more than Teddy Bridgewater. I’m just saying!

Steelers @ Rams :: St. Louis
If Jeff Fisher doesn’t want to lose his job, he must win this game. He can’t beat the Seahawks, and then lose to Washington and Pittsburgh (no offense to either team). With the Cardinals at 2-0 and the Seahawks at a disadvantage at 0-2, the Rams must capitalize. I expect them to zone in on the run game though. I have Antonio Brown on my fantasy team, so that may bode well for me.

49ers @ Cardinals :: Arizona
Just because I pick St. Louis to start emerging in the division, does not mean I like the Cardinals to begin losing! This team is showing me their legitimacy, finally. Similarly, I was down on a non-flashy team in basketball a few years back.. That was the San Antonio Spurs. I just wanted to bring that up.

Bills @ Dolphins :: Buffalo
Another division game, that I’ll give the edge to Buffalo. Coming off a humbling 40-32 home loss versus the Patriots, they meet a Dolphins team with their problems. I truly believe in Tyrod Taylor, IF this offensive line can protect the kid. If not, I’ll just take the loss.

Bears @ Seahawks :: Seattle
The ‘Hawks get their Chancellor back! They also happen to be up against a terrible defense and Chicago. Plus, Seattle meets the 12th Man for the first time this season! If Chicago somehow wins, I’ll throw a tantrum.

Broncos @ Lions :: Detroit
I don’t see why the Lions wouldn’t be motivated. Plus, Peyton Manning’s going to crash and burn HARD! It’s only a matter of time. They got lucky in Kansas City, so I’m expecting for the Lions to FINALLY pull through for me. If not, they can have another 0-16 season for all I care!

Chiefs @ Packers :: Kansas City
I am expecting a MAJOR upset to happen this week. With the way the Chiefs lost to the Broncos at home, they should feel bad. Kansas City has just too much time to gameplan for Aaron Rodgers. Grant it, it’s in Lambeau, or else it’d be a safer bet to do the Chiefs. I have to live out on the edge at times.

So now it’s your turn! Leave your predictions down below, and let’s see how well you did! :)



2 thoughts on “#WeeklyFood 3 NFL Picks

Add yours

  1. We are going to have to agree to disagree my friend…a lot!!
    Redskins over G-men
    The Boys at home, over the Falcons
    Colts over Titans
    Oakland continues to surprise over the Browns
    Ravens over the Bengals
    Pats over Jags (please gag me now)
    Saints march over the Cats
    Eagles soar over the Jets
    Texans over the Bucs
    Vikings prevail over the Bolts
    Steelers down the Rams…and Fisher too
    Cardinals over the Niners
    Dolphins figure things out quickly over the Bills
    Seahawks down the Bears
    Broncos pull another one off over the Lions
    Cheese heads send the Chiefs packin

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s a lot of these that people can pick either way, and I could understand. EXCEPT the Cowboys/Falcons pick. Come on now, this is going to get ugly, real fast! I’m a Dallas fan, and you know there’s no way the Cowboys come up against the Falcons, who are 2-0 in their own right.


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