#WeeklyFood 4 NFL Picks

It’s that time again! I’m in a great mood this week because I didn’t have to choke down something completely, 100% absolutely disgusting!! If you missed the Chimichangas video, you can view that here.

I’ll keep an updated record and percentage week-by-week on these posts so you can keep up with my progress.

RECORD: 23-25 (47.9%)

After posting a 9-7 record last week, I was still showed up by Mr. Scott Heacock in the comments, who was 11-5. Despite falling in line behind that good sir, I intend on having a better week than him and whoever else lays out their predictions in the comments section down below this article! So without further ado, here are my picks!

Ravens @ Steelers :: Baltimore
It’s hard imagining Baltimore starting 0-4, increasing the worst start in franchise history. Plus, the Steelers go to battle with Michael Vick, who was unprepared when put in for the Jets last season, so I can’t put my trust in Mike Vick.

Jets @ Dolphins :: Miami
LONDON! Many are forgetting the Dolphins are an average team, so I doubt they slip to 1-3. Also, Miami was humiliated last week versus a division rival. If they are at all motivated, then they’ll take care of business overseas.

Texans @ Falcons :: Atlanta
I’m all for Houston having a decent season, but I can’t imagine them going to Atlanta and winning. They’ll need to put pressure on Matt Ryan early, but Houston just hasn’t shown me much this year. Plus, I like the Atlanta defense over the Houston offense.

Giants @ Bills :: Buffalo
All day will I take the Bills. The Giants have only looked formidable versus the Washington Redskins. The Bills are coming off a big win against the Dolphins, however, so they must remain humble. As far as I know, I haven’t heard the Bills coming out trashing Eli Manning, so that’s a sign of improvement.

Raiders @ Bears :: Oakland
In what world does the Oakland Raiders begin a season 3-1? Well, in the same world they’re 2-1 and have the 0-3 Chicago Bears with backup Jimmy Clausen, against a winless team that is openly tanking by trading away Jared Allen and Jonathan Bostic. My Uncle Rex will be thrilled!

Chiefs @ Bengals :: Cincinnati
In no way do they match up against the Bengals. I think it’s going to be close, and perhaps a double-digit lead at one point for the Chiefs. However, AJ Green will take over and win for his team. After the way Kansas City (and more particularly, Alex Smith) is playing, I can’t say they’ll win on the road versus an undefeated team.

Jaguars @ Colts :: Jacksonville
Andrew Luck, since entering the league in 2012, is 5-1 versus the Jaguars, with that one loss coming on his first time versus the Jags (Lucas Oil Stadium). This is at Lucas Oil Stadium, and since that day, it seems like it’s been a one-sided affair. However, it’s a divisional rival, and I think these are two different teams, and the Jaguars are matching up well. Plus, following a humbling loss to the Patriots, I think they feel better about facing the 1-2 Colts right now.

Panthers @ Buccaneers :: Carolina
I can’t win in this situation, because I’ll either have to hear the Jameis Winston supporters, or the delusional Carolina fans. I’ll just take the undefeated team, and say this… Jameis Winston got showed up by a good Houston defense, and he’ll be shown up again by an even better Carolina defense. I’m going to just guess 4 interceptions for Winston.

Eagles @ Redskins :: Philadelphia
We saw the Eagles offense roll the Jets last week, and I can’t expect anything less against a Redskins team that allowed 32 points to the Giants. I think at least 42 this week.

Browns @ Chargers :: San Diego
It’s about time the Chargers get their act together, and it’s against Cleveland. If they can’t, and they go 1-3, we can begin to dig the grave.

Rams @ Cardinals :: Arizona
It’s a divisional game, so anything could happen. Unfortunately for the Rams, they come off scoring 6 points against the Steelers defense. Plus, they go in against the #1 scoring offense, and they expect to win? Pardon me while I laugh my ribs out.

Vikings @ Broncos :: Minnesota
Defenses are close in a manner of how many points given up (Broncos 49 to Vikings 50). Denver is also the home team. Despite these two advantages, I expect the Vikings to win. Why? I’m counting on Peyton Manning to falter sometime this season, and soon. Will this be the week? The Vikings are looking more and more legit as we begin to close the first month of the season.

Packers @ 49ers :: San Fransisco
Yep, you heard it here first. A MAJOR upset is about to go down this weekend. I’ve been highly critical of the 49ers since letting Jim Harbaugh go, but these two teams always are close. I could see it ending in one or two ways. Colin Kaepernick leads a game-winning drive, or Aaron Rodgers leads a game-winning drive. The unpopular opinion is to pick Kaepernick, and I will do as such. The 49ers, however, will need to rely on Carlos Hyde to keep them in it at that time.

Cowboys @ Saints :: Dallas
This is no homer pick, and I’ll explain why. We’re looking at Brandon Weeden versus Luke McCown, both lost last week. However, the Cowboys gave up 25 unanswered points with a coach who won’t tolerate it. I expect Dallas to focus in on that first half and what was going so well for them. Plus, Dallas was able to have their way with Rob Ryan last year. The Saints can now begin 0-4.

Lions @ Seahawks :: Seattle
Seattle’s home again with Kam Chancellor versus a winless team? I expect Golden Tate to show up, but the Seahawks come away with a victory, and getting to 2-2.


One thought on “#WeeklyFood 4 NFL Picks

Add yours

  1. Not sure I will ever witness another 11-5 week, but here I go

    Steelers pull out a big win w/o Big Ben over Baltimore
    The Phins have to swim the Atlantic for a win versus the Jes
    Falcons over the Texans, despite a big day from Watts
    Bills stampede the G-men
    The Raiders plunder Chicago
    KC puts an end to Cincy’s undefeated season
    Colts stomp the Jags
    Carolina over TB
    The Skins win at home over Philly
    Charges shock the Browns
    Arizona over STL
    Denver remains high above the Vikings
    Packers embarrass the Niners at home
    The Saints beats the Boys in Nawlins
    Seattle over the Lioms


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