#WeeklyFood 5 NFL Picks

Helloooo everybody! Unfortunately, I lost last week, so in good word, I have suffered through another food punishment. The Iron Jaw was tested in the fire (or is that gold?).. Anyway, hope you enjoy the video enough that you Follow me, not only on YouTube, but also the entire site. If you don’t watch the video, it was for nothing, as that was by far one of the worst punishments I’ve ever had… (Background: I hate spicy foods, this time had Buffalo Chicken and added Frank’s Red Hot to it)

I’ll keep an updated record and percentage week-by-week on these posts so you can keep up with my progress.

RECORD: 29-34

After going 6-9 last week, I try to get serious and redeem myself. If anyone thinks they can beat me, more power to you! Mr. Heacock had a 9-6 record last week, so he needs to watch himself. I encourage all who think they can get to me, to comment their picks down below (any time leading up to Sunday’s games), and hopefully y’all can lose to me. :)

Colts @ Texans :: Houston
Andrew Luck’s out and the Texans desperately need this division win after being embarrassed by the Texans. I expect a low scoring game, and the Texans to pull out victors in this one.

Bears @ Chiefs :: Kansas City
All I can say is, Chicago celebrated their only win of the season against the Raiders. If this was at Soldier Field, I’d probably favor the Bears, but Arrowhead’s a tough place to play.

Seahawks @ Bengals :: Seattle
The Bengals finally falter and lose to the Seahawks. In reality, I think the defense is just too much for Cincy to handle. I’ll take Chancellor, Sherman, and Cary Williams over Dalton, Green, and Sanu. This would also mean that Seattle gets its first road win, beginning 0-2 (both games without Bam Bam Kam)

Redskins @ Falcons :: Atlanta
Washington is a top five defense, surprisingly. But the unfortunate thing is, they play against the Atlanta Falcons who are HOT right now! If the Redskins want to be taken seriously, they win this game. Until then, I won’t take them seriously and I’ll lean towards the Falcons.

Jaguars @ Buccaneers :: Tampa Bay
Can you really win here? For some reason, I see Jameis Winston taking the 4 interceptions personally and bouncing back. More importantly, I see the Buccaneers defense beating the Jaguars offense. The Bucs have a better defense and they’re at home, so that is what it boils down to.

Saints @ Eagles :: Philadelphia
Both one-win teams are desperate for a win. However, the Saints needed overtime to beat that shell Cowboys team? I think the Eagles are going to expose this defense and Philly will end up winning the game. It’s another “Pick Your Poison” sort of game. Plus, the NFC East is more obtainable for the Eagles than the NFC South is for the Saints. That plays a huge factor as well.

Browns @ Ravens :: Cleveland
This is an upset pick for me, which I don’t know if it’s safe or not. Cleveland came close to beating the Chargers, and now they have an AFC North matchup. Can Mike Pettine win this very winnable divisional game on the road? Josh McCown’s fighting for respect, and he’d get a lot coming back to Ohio.

Rams @ Packers :: Green Bay
Can I laugh out loud? This is going to be a train wreck. It’s in Lambeau, and it’s against the Rams coming off a big win against the Cardinals. Again, St. Louis has the number inside the division, but they can’t do anything outside of it. Totally Packers this week.

Bills @ Titans :: Buffalo
Not knowing the status of McCoy or Watkins, it’s tough to pick the Bills. However I look at the Titans, and they’re in the same spot. Should be a sloppy offensive game, but I’ll bank on Tyrod Taylor over Marcus Mariota. Right now, Tennessee’s a top ten defense statistically, so they have a lot to prove this week. Defend your home turf! (or don’t, I need this)

Cardinals @ Lions :: Arizona
The Cardinals are coming off a division loss at home, and the Lions are coming off a road loss in Seattle. Seems as if Arizona will take it more to heart than the Lions, so I’m taking the Cardinals. Plus, this coaching matchup farrrrrrr favors Arizona. Jim Caldwell’s awful at this stuff and he inherited a good team last year. Now, he just can’t get anything out of this Lions squad. Can’t believe the line is only ARI -2.5, should be much more lopsided.

Patriots @ Cowboys :: New England
The line is NE -10.0 and that is generous of them! I’m a Cowboys fan, but if anybody truly thinks that the Cowboys are going to win, they’re delusional. The Patriots goal is to win the game. The Cowboys goal is to make it to the bye week with no more injuries. It’s that simple. Expect the Patriots to have around 42 points and who knows… We may just get to see Jimmy Garoppolo play (only because of garbage time).

Broncos @ Raiders :: Oakland
The Broncos are favored in this game, but everyone knows me, I’m waiting for the Broncos (and more so Peyton Manning) to falter, and it starts this week. It’s a road division game in the Black Hole, and the Raiders seem to be a legit team. What a big win this will be for Oakland.

49ers @ Giants :: San Fransisco
The 49ers can be taken seriously in primetime games. They’ve dropped 3 straight since surprising the Vikings on MNF (primetime) in Week 1. The 49ers have the better defense over the Giants, and it’s Kaepernick versus Eli, so it’s two awful-looking quarterbacks. The line is NYG -7.0, but I’ll take the 49ers.

Steelers @ Chargers :: San Diego
Easy pick here. Pittsburgh’s without Big Ben, and the Chargers just had a scare against the Browns at home. I think Mike McCoy is smart enough to point this out and not let the Chargers get off easy from that. This game’s going to be close, but I’ll take the Chargers in this game.

Think you can top me? I know Mr. Heacock tries, but best of luck to all you others! Drop your picks in the comment section below, and if you’re better than me, I might just mention you next week!


2 thoughts on “#WeeklyFood 5 NFL Picks

Add yours

  1. Two weeks in a row above .500, let’s see if the streak continues.

    Colts run outta luck against the Texans
    Chicago stays out of hibernation against KC
    The Bengals edge out Seattle at home
    Falcons stay high over the Skins
    Bucs over Jags…no thanks to Mr Wilson
    Saints march out of Philly with a W
    Ravens beat the Browns
    Packers all over the Rams
    Mariota leads the Titams past the Bills
    The Cardinlas, much like Daniel, come out of the Lions den unscathed
    Pats destroy the Cowboys
    Broncos over the Raiders
    With Eli in your weekly Qback top 5, curious why you didn’t choose the Giants over the Niners like me!
    Chargers shock the Steelers

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