NBA Team Trigger: Philadelphia 76ers


Last Season: 18-64 (15.5 projected wins) and missed playoffs

Key Additions: Gerald Wallace, Jahlil Okafor (rookie)

Key Losses: None.

2015-16 Vegas: 21.5 projected wins and 350:1 odds to win NBA Championship


LOL The Philadelphia 76ers… How can I do this professionally? Well, I’ll tell you a story I still laugh about to this day. Last year at this time, I was writing for Troll Jock Sports, their website (that’s where my #D46 Power Rankings¬†originated). I had the task of doing two articles, one for an Eastern Conference Preview and one for a Western Conference Preview. I had playoff teams, bubble teams, and bottomfeeding teams. The eventual number one seed (Atlanta Hawks) I had as a bottomfeeder, if I recall correctly. And the Philadelphia 76ers? I had them as a bubble team…. Boy, was I wrong!! And safe to say, I didn’t do the Western Conference Preview.

Philadelphia is just looking towards the future, I would hope. They traded away KJ McDaniels and Michael Carter-Williams last season, which makes me hard to think they’re sold on their future, considering they traded the two people that played with the most heart. They then draft Jahlil Okafor this year, to go along with Nerlens Noel, a promising 1st-round pick, and Joel Embiid, who may or may not play two years out of Kansas University. The 76ers have now drafted three big men out of powerhouse schools, and they’re starting who elsewhere? Tony Wroten, Robert Covington, and Gerald Wallace? This is a worse lineup then the underwhelming Brooklyn Nets had a couple years ago, that Wallace was apart of. I don’t know if running this business is a joke for the front office, or if they came into this not knowing what the sport of basketball was.. Something tells me they are secret Knicks fans.

The 76ers are projected at 21.5 wins this season, which may be a little too high. If they were to even do this, it would have to rely all on Jahlil Okafor, who helped Duke to a National Championship last year. I just feel bad for a good kid like Okafor. He goes from Duke, to Philadelphia… That’s like going from CEO of Apple to a grocery store. You couldn’t imagine it could get THAT bad!

Do I see this as a playoff contender bubble team? Excuse me while I laugh hysterically, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get up off the floor afterwards, so I’ll go ahead and say no.

What do you think the 76ers can do this season? Let me know in the comments below your expectations!


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