NBA Team Trigger: Chicago Bulls

I begin my second week on NBA Team Trigger. Enjoy! :)


Last Season: 50-32 (55.5 projected wins) and 3rd seed (beat Bucks in 6 and lost to Cleveland in 6 games)

Key Additions: Jordan Crawford, Bobby Portis (rookie)

Key Losses: Nazr Mohamed

2015-16 Vegas: 49.5 projected wins and 20:1 odds to win NBA Championship


This Bulls team honestly has nothing different about them. Instead of a preview for this season, how about we just do a review of last season instead? Well… I’ll just tell you how it ended. The Chicago Bulls had a nice season, Rose played in 51 games (most since 2011, the year he won league MVP), the Bulls were caught by surprise by Pau’s resurrection in the Windy City, they finish with a well enough seed in the East, then the Bulls fall short to LeBron James. You basically just received the Bulls season in a nutshell, that contained five commas.

Derrick Rose is already injured, by the way. But for this team to improve on last year’s record, they’ll have to rely on their chemistry and bond from last season. Plus, there’s a new coach in town. Can this Fred Hoiberg guy replace Tom Thibodeau? There’s been plenty of times in the past where a good coach is replaced on a team with lots of weapons, then that new coach comes in, ignites the flame, and that team’s a force to be reckoned with. It can happen, but I feel there should be a heavy emphasis on the big men.

You’ve got Pau Gasol, who played much better last year for Chicago than he did for the Lakers at the end… You’ve got Joakim Noah, who had a career year two years ago, but last season was depleted by injuries… You’ve got Taj Gibson, who is always reliable off the bench… Then the Bulls got a steal, one of my personal favorites in the draft, in Bobby Portis. Portis could transfer his 17.5 PPG and 8.9 RPG to the pros, and if he can put up half those numbers in the little time he’d play, he could prove to be the difference maker for the Bulls.

Do I see this team as a playoff contender once again? In the East, this is more than possible. Believe it or not, I believe this team could work wonders. They didn’t really lose anybody, yet they help their bench. I believe two things will prove to be extremely beneficial for this team, locker room familiarity, and the new coach Hoiberg, who if nothing else, should breathe new life into the team. If there’s anything to stand in their way, it’s injuries, but that can effect any team in sports.

What do you think the Bulls can do this season? Let me know in the comments below your expectations!


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