NBA Team Trigger: Utah Jazz

I begin my second week on NBA Team Trigger. Enjoy! :)


Last Season: 38-44 (25.5 projected wins) and missed playoffs

Key Additions: Trey Lyles (rookie)

Key Losses: None.

2015-16 Vegas: 40.5 projected wins and 150:1 odds to win NBA Championship


The Jazz are the most unfortunate team in the NBA… I’ll explain.

They have appeared to draft well, so it seems. I see men like Dante Exum, Trey Burke, Alec Burks, Rodney Hood, Rudy Gobert on their roster, all with potential. I see Gordon Hayward get a massive contract to stay in Utah, one of their own from draft night. What more can you ask of a general manager to fill your roster up with talented young men, who if they pan out, could lead the organization for a dynasty? Well, it’s Utah. Problem is, nobody big wants to go to Utah.

When’s the last time you heard about a free agent wanting to go to UTAH?! I believe the only reason they retained Hayward was because they overpaid, and Hayward’s college wasn’t Duke, UCLA, or Michigan… It was Butler. The Butler Bulldogs and the Utah Jazz, it just fits Gordon. But how can they expect guys like LeBron James, Kevin Love, Carmelo Anthony, LaMarcus Aldridge, of years past, to sign with the Jazz? It just doesn’t happen!

The Jazz were like the Bulls, whom I also covered today. The Jazz didn’t lose anyone, per say, but they did gain a rookie who can provide valuable depth off the bench. Fortunately they lose no one, and that’s their main strength running in on this season. Their success will be determined by a second year in Quin Snyder’s system, as well as the locker room familiarity.

Do I see this as a team who can make the playoffs? In the West, I don’t believe they stand a chance. I actually think they test the .500 mark, and perhaps get a game or so over it, as that would mean the season was successful (in my eyes at least). I think the Jazz are really just seeing if Quin Snyder can be the guy, and also, if all these young studs can pan out in the NBA and for this team, or if they’ll have to auction some off as trade bait.

What do you think the Jazz can do this season? Let me know in the comments below your expectations!


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