#D46 Power Rankings: Week 5

It’s already been Week 5 and we’re beginning to see teams who are under-performing and likely will have a tougher road to the playoffs than we originally thought. We also have those surprise teams who have come out of nowhere to put themselves in a nice position in their division. There’s also teams who are just always there… So let’s get to ranking them!!

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4) — I was telling you, this team could be back down to where it was after losing to last week’s 32, the Bucs. I predicted Tampa Bay to win that game, actually, in my #WeeklyFood Picks, but how you give up 38 points to the Buccaneers? That is what is uncalled for.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-3) — But their record is 2-3… I couldn’t care less. They beat the Jaguars. Now I give you my word, if they win at Washington after their bye, I’ll rank them a little higher. Their main task is winning in the ATL after that.

30. Kansas City Chiefs (1-4) — This is the biggest drop I can ever remember in my time doing these rankings, dating back to Troll Jock Sports. They were 18th last week, but a home loss to the Bears just goes to show how bad this team actually is (NOTE: Bears were here at 30 last week) … Then you factor in Jamaal Charles done with an ACL tear, this season’s lost.

29. San Fransisco 49ers (1-4) — Three straight weeks at 29. They’ve lost their last four. Don’t ask me how that works…… I think the 49ers are actually fighting for Jim Tomsula, as crazy as that may sound. Plus, it’s not like they’re ranked in the top twenty, so I can keep them here as long as there are three teams worse off.

28. Detroit Lions (0-5) — The Lions just continue to sink, so far in fact, they bench Matt Stafford for Dan Orvolsky. Dan Orvolsky, ladies and gentlemen. I said last week their rank would determine how well their fight was against the Cardinals, knowing there was a 2% skim milk chance they’d win… Losing 42-17 at home, and benching your quarterback as a coaching decision, that isn’t much of a fight. This, and their winless record, spots them three spots lower.

27. Chicago Bears (2-3) — I don’t want to rank them too high after winning the past two weeks, against the Raiders and then the Chiefs by a total of three points, but they have won these games without mega stars, and since trading guys like Jon Bostic and Jared Allen. I almost wanted to rank them at 32 because they’re idiots to begin winning now. Why not tank for Joey Bosa or something?

26. Tennessee Titans (1-3) — This team may be worse than we originally thought. They come out and own the Buccaneers in Week 1, and have dropped three games since, including a home game to the Bills who were shorthanded, giving up a 10-point lead. The Bills had no Shady McCoy nor Sammy Watkins, and still won. Maybe we should backtrack on the Titans.

25. Miami Dolphins (1-3) — On their bye week, I move them up two spots. Why? Well, it looks as if the Dolphins are going to make it to .500 after firing their head coach and defensive coordinator. They’ll have Tennessee and then Houston, but hey! I think the Dolphins can pull things off. Dan Campbell looks to be implementing a mentality that the players and fans like.

24. Houston Texans (1-4) — Gahhhh, when can I rank this team lower?! They lost to Andrew Luck’s backup who was channeling his inner Jordan with a flu game! AND THEY LOST AT HOME!!! I’m almost at the point of ranking this team at 32 and locking them in for the rest of the season.

23. New Orleans Saints (1-4) — This team drops a spot after getting annihilated by the Eagles. Could you imagine if they had to face Tony Romo and Dez Bryant instead of Brandon Weeden and Brice Butler, which they needed overtime to beat? Sean Payton looks to be on his way out, and this season seems totally lost while they look at the success Atlanta and Carolina are having.

22. Baltimore Ravens (1-4) — They lose a home game to the Browns, but most of all, they gave up record-breaking numbers to Josh McCown, which I should let none of us forget, quarterbacked the worst team in the league last season (the Buccaneers). Does that warrant a drop in the #D46 Power Rankings, even if they only lost by three? I believe so, yes!

21. Cleveland Browns (2-3) — Is it an overreaction to rank this team seven spots higher after one division road win in overtime? Yes, and no… There’s worse teams out there, and they won in Baltimore, which they’ve never been able to do. Josh McCown showed that he can be the guy in Cleveland moving along this season, and it likely shuts up the Johnny Football lunatics. This should install confidence in not only McCown, but the entire team, and I like their chances. They have Denver on Sunday, so if they can beat the Broncos, I’m definitely buying stock into the .500 Browns!

20. Oakland Raiders (2-3) — Now this is probably a stretch. They lost to the Broncos? Yes, but the Raiders showed they could cut it versus Peyton Manning and the AFC West domineering Broncos. Plus, just Charles Woodson’s first career pick versus Peyton Manning since entering the league together in 1998, that alone will move you up four spots!

19. Washington Redskins (2-3) — This Redskins team lost to the undefeated Falcons on the road, in overtime. That alone should move them up a little. This team remains a top ten defense in YPG allowed to the opposing offense, and this week they went up against Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. I say, I’m impressed! If only their offense could step up, they could be in contention for the division crown.

18. Dallas Cowboys (2-3) — I am very critical of this team, because they are my favorite. I was put in the position to rank them at number 3 after the first two weeks, because they won two divisional games and completely owned the Eagles offense. Since? They have been plagued by injuries, and they have the third-worst point differential of 2-3 teams. Jason Garrett wants to reevaluate everything, including the quarterback situation, which he should. We could see this team back in the top ten at some point this season, but they need to focus on getting in the playoffs via their division.

17. Philadelphia Eagles (2-3) — This is the first time, I believe, I have ranked the Eagles above the Cowboys. Go see if I’m right on that… Anyways, this team looked dysfunctional internally, but they beat the Saints at home, 39-17, so take that with as much as you want, but I’ll move this team up two spots, and ahead of the Cowboys at this point. I still view this as a 7 or 9 win football team, even 8-8. We’ll see how they play this next week against the Giants. Have to win this divisional game!

16. Minnesota Vikings (2-2) — Sitting pretty on their bye week, and they move up one spot in my ranks. They’ll need to come out of their bye week “guns a’blazing” against the Chiefs. Very easy stretch for them coming up (KC, @DET, @CHI, STL) is their next four games. If they can come out of that three of four games, that will begin to turn heads!

15. St. Louis Rams (2-3) — I’ll keep them at fifteen this week. Why? They did have the daunting task of Aaron Rodgers in Lambeau, and actually picked him off a couple times. If this passing game could ever get things together, this would be a dangerous, and I mean a DANGEROUS team!

14. Indianapolis Colts (3-2) — The first above-500 team in my rankings, which means the lowest. They’ve won two straight with Matt Hasselbeck, rather than their former #1 overall pick Andrew Luck, and the Colts are looking to stay in the hunt. They have an awful division to win, and their coach is on the hot seat, but they’re staying afloat. How long that lasts? I don’t think for long. This is an 8 or 9 win team at best.

13. San Diego Chargers (2-3) — They drop once again in my #D46 Power Rankings. Losing to the Steelers at home, on a last-second Wildcat play?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! This made me incredibly upset, and if the Colts and Rams were better teams, I’d probably rank this team even lower. How could they allow the Steelers to stay around? I’ll tell you how, Philip Rivers has no help. He got no help whatsoever last night from the men around him. The Chargers are downplaying right now.

12. New York Giants (3-2) — I don’t want to rank them this high, I don’t, but they are .500 without Victor Cruz. They’ve been at fourteen the past couple of weeks, and they finally strung two wins together. The Giants have the Eagles next, and if they make it to 4-2, this team can easily begin to pull away in this division.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2) — Their win against the Chargers moves them up a couple from last week’s. We’ve finally seen Michael Vick actually win coming from a backup role! Now can they beat the Arizona Cardinals? Without a doubt, if they do, they’ll be a lock for the top ten next week.

10. Seattle Seahawks (2-3) — Okay, now they have lost a game with Chancellor, and I’m beginning to get worried. Kam Chancellor was actually a huge part in why the Seahawks lost! He got owned by the former Fighting Irishman, Tyler Eifert. I think the Seahawks need to be careful in losing games, because they do have the Rams and Cardinals in their division. I think this is a better team than St. Louis by far, but they have the same record. Seattle drops five spots, but they did lose to the undefeated Cincinnati Bengals on the road, which isn’t exactly their “forte”.

9. Carolina Panthers (4-0) — A rest for the Panthers was huge for them. Gives Luke Kuechly some time to rest and get healthy. They have the Seahawks in Seattle next week, so that’s going to be the difficult task. If they go to 5-0 and keep pushing for the Falcons’ best, then they’ll get some more love.

8. New York Jets (3-1) — They had a bye after their trip to London, when they forced Stephen Ross to fire Joe Philbin. Of course, during this bye week, the Bills and Patriots won. So can you exactly call them winners? They have to show this offense off against the Redskins, before they have their first game against the Patriots. If they win these two games, you can expect a lot to be calling for Todd Bowles as the early vote for Coach of the Year.

7. Buffalo Bills (3-2) — No change this week. They won their game without LeSean McCoy and Sammy Watkins, but they beat the Titans, however much that is worth. If they want to remain where they are, or move up even, they’ll need to beat the Bengals. Buffalo will likely need to get one of those two players back if they wish to do this.

6. Cincinnati Bengals (5-0) — They remain at number six this week after a big win over the Seahawks, after the Week 4 Rankings, I had the Seahawks ranked higher than the Bengals. So how can Cincy not move up any, at least one spot? Well, they are ranked ahead of the Seahawks, and that is enough for this team. I wonder if this is the same old Bengals, or if the talent assembled is finally coming together.

5. Denver Broncos (5-0) — I let out a frustrating sigh here. I move them up three spots. They are clearly relying on their defense to carry them, as Peyton Manning can’t get it done anymore. The Broncos have the best defense in terms of YPG, and they are second-best in PPG. They did go to Oakland and win. Despite how strongly I feel about this team crashing and burning, I did have the Cowboys ranked at 3 earlier on, so we’ll just wait and see for the ship to sink, but once it does, it’ll go down fast and everyone will realize it.

4. Arizona Cardinals (4-1) — They owned the Lions, which I thought they should have done, and remain at number four this week, despite three undefeated teams below them. Arizona remains to have the best point differential in the league (+100) and the next highest is +73, so they’re clearly doing things right. I don’t hold that one loss to the Rams against them though, as you can tell. Plus, this defense just signed Dwight Freeney, so he’ll likely make his team debut next week. They have three AFC North teams lined up before they can go on their perfectly placed bye, so if they can make it to 7-1, that’d be great for this team (no Bengals yet).

3. Atlanta Falcons (5-0) — The Falcons beat the Redskins in overtime off a pick-six. That’s exactly how you want to win the overtime games. Yes, you have Matty Ice and Julio Jones, but to actually have your defense step up, just goes to show how much of an impact it was to replace Mike Smith with Dan Quinn. Totally different team this year. I feel as if the Falcons can easily go undefeated outside their division, considering they have already went 4-0 to the NFC East, they have the AFC South, and also have the 49ers and Vikings. Any given Sunday, but Atlanta’s looking complete enough to run the table.

2. Green Bay Packers (5-0) — The Packers were able to beat the Rams at Lambeau by two touchdowns. Aaron Rodgers struggled, but he bounced back, and if there was going to be a game he would slip for a couple interceptions, this would be that game, against the Rams, whose offense is horrendous. Rodgers can learn from what the Rams threw at him, knowing another team will try it in this copycat league. Green Bay’s not only unbeatable at home, but through the first five weeks, they’re unbeatable altogether.

1. New England Patriots (4-0) — Of course! The Patriots remain at top, while they eventually had Brady these four games, they ran the table. Oh, remember back at 4 when I ranked the Cardinals? That second-best team in point differential are the New England Patriots. And by the way, this Patriots team could have put up 50 easily on the Cowboys on Sunday, but they either couldn’t, or they played smart. Either way, the Patriots are still hungry for another Super Bowl. And for the record, the Patriots are doing this with nobody. Dion Lewis, who?! Julian Edelman used to be a quarterback in college and nearly went to Canada before choosing to be a WR in the NFL, and he’s not vanished like many (ie. Armanti Edwards, Terrelle Pryor). Danny Amendola was cut from the Cowboys’ practice squad, was always hurt, and couldn’t stick anywhere until the Patriots gave him a chance. And don’t even get me started on a defense when I can only name Malcolm Butler, Chandler Jones, and Patrick Chung. Bill Belichick might just have the recipe to win another.


In a week where my top ten teams remained the same, though in different order, did you think I got it wrong? Do the Seahawks deserve to be in that group, or do you see another team that was more deserving? Do you have a rebuttal for your team?


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