NBA Team Trigger: Cleveland Cavaliers

Are you ready for LeBron and the Eastern Conference champs?


Last Season: 53-29 (58.5 projected wins) and lost the NBA Finals to Golden State Warriors in 6 games

Key Additions: Mo Williams, Richard Jefferson, Quinn Cook (rookie)

Key Losses: Brendan Haywood, Mike Miller

2015-16 Vegas: 56.5 projected wins and 5:2 odds to win NBA Championship


The Cavaliers didn’t seem to have that much of an impressive offseason? But they did. It was all tied into re-signing people like James Jones, Kevin Love, Matthew Dellavedova, Iman Shumpert, and of course, LeBron James. Being able to keep much of the old team together brings them the best odds in the NBA to walk away champions next summer.

Their losses? They don’t matter much, as Haywood’s departure actually helps the team clear up some cap space. Mike Miller doesn’t even matter much to this team on the court, but he does internally. LeBron James is good buddies with Miller, unless that’s changed in the last year. James came out and said he supported the decision to trade Mike Miller away to Portland, but how much does he truly agree with the call? Remember, LeBron cited Miller’s amnesty from the Heat as part of the reason he took his talents back from South Beach.

The Cavaliers season is built on their health status and the level of competition that can rise from the East. LeBron James has not been able to be kept from the NBA Finals since 2010 to the Boston Celtics, four years in Miami and one year in Cleveland. That stands for competition, as who in the East can put an early end to LeBron and the Cavs season? Also, I’m worried about LeBron. He’s a super talented athlete, but does nobody worry about his body wearing down? To play in five straight Finals is unheard of, and one can only imagine by the time they’re in the Eastern Conference Finals, LeBron’s not going to be 100%. Let alone, can you trust Kyrie Irving to stay healthy, who hasn’t been able to dating back to his Duke days, where he played eleven games?

Do I think this is the best team to win the NBA Finals? Chances are, no. The West has just so many title contenders, some could be ranked as low as a 6th-seed, and the East only has one or two recognized by most analysts. I feel this Cavaliers team can be in the NBA Finals, but to win it is a different story. Favorites by Vegas, yes. Favorites by me, not so much.

What do you think the Cavaliers can do this season? Let me know in the comments below your expectations!


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