#WeeklyFood 6 NFL Picks

I’m back this week for #WeeklyFood! I ended up getting contacted by quite a few people about the Buffalo Chicken video, with last week’s defeat. Unfortunately for you all, I won’t be allowed to give you all the same enjoyment. :)

I’ll keep an updated record and percentage week-by-week on these posts so you can keep up with my progress.

RECORD: 37-40 (48.1%)

I was 8-3 in the Sunday afternoon games, but going winless on both Thursday Night, Sunday Night, AND Monday Night Football, I remain grateful for 1-7 PM on Sunday. Unfortunately, those three primetime games kept me from getting over .500, so I’m still stressing the potential grand punishment at the end of the season. So let’s hope I post up a better record than 8-6 this week, and let’s go!!

Falcons @ Saints :: New Orleans
I hate to say this, because I’m actually big on Atlanta right now. Unfortunately, my primetime games need to get better, so I’m going with this. Personally, it’s hard to imagine the Saints going 1-5 at home against the Falcons, whom they always put a fight up against. It’ll come down to who is better on less rest, Drew Brees or Julio Jones.

Redskins @ Jets :: New York (Jets)
The NFC East is up for grabs, and that motivation is the only way I see the Redskins beating the Jets. I think we’re set to have a big game by Leonard Williams, who was passed on by the Redskins in favor of Brandon Scherff (which I called before the Draft). Jets have the bye and are at home, so they should come out victorious on Sunday.

Cardinals @ Steelers :: Arizona
Steeler fans seem to be enjoying that final second win against the Chargers from the wildcat formation, and I believe they’re taking it for all it’s worth because they’re sure it’ll end when they play the Cardinals. A Super Bowl XLIII rematch, but the Cardinals will get Pittsburgh this time! Won’t even be close, despite the fact the line’s only at ARI -3.0.

Chiefs @ Vikings :: Minnesota
Adrian Peterson’s playing and Jamaal Charles is not. ‘Nuff said.

Bengals @ Bills :: Cincinnati
Normally, I would take the Bills, especially since the Bengals might get too big for their britches after that big win over the Seahawks… Except I don’t know who will be suiting up on Sunday. LeSean McCoy? Sammy Watkins? Even quarterback Tyrod Taylor is hurt! The only team that has injuries worse than the Bills are the Cowboys, and ask the Cowboys how they well it goes, playing under-equipped against an undefeated team.

Bears @ Lions :: Chicago
This is a tossup really. Many were counting the Bears out, they trade two key defensive players, dealing with injuries on the offensive side of the ball, and they win two straight? Doesn’t seem right they’d win three straight and make it to .500!! But, I’ve banked on the Lions too many times and they’ve let me down. Plus, is it Dan Orvolsky or Matt Stafford? That question alone should make people steer clear.

Broncos @ Browns :: Cleveland
Again, the demise of the Broncos, I continue to wait for! I don’t hate this team, and I don’t have a personal agenda, but it’s obvious that this isn’t the same Peyton Manning. They continue to win by their defense. DeMarcus Ware is out for this game, and after Josh McCown’s big game against the Ravens, I think the Browns are liking their chances against Denver. I do too!

Texans @ Jaguars :: Jacksonville
Like the Bears/Lions, this is “Pick Your Poison: Divisional Edition”. Jacksonville’s looking alright, just losing games. Houston’s just looking downright awful! I know the Jaguars have their quarterback situation handled, which Houston doesn’t, so I’ll pick the Jags at home.

Dolphins @ Titans :: Miami
I know Mr. Heacock, who often comments his picks along with mine, will like this. I think Dan Campbell’s going to motivate this team enough to get them a win against a pathetic Titans team, who has struggled to add to Week 1’s win column. Line’s only TEN -1.0, so it’s not impossible!

Panthers @ Seahawks :: Seattle
An undefeated team versus an undefeated home team. Luke Kuechly’s expected back, and this should be a good one. Unfortunately for local Panthers readers, I don’t see the Seahawks dropping to 2-4, and doing so at home. It’s about time the Panther fans are humbled.

Chargers @ Packers :: Green Bay
San Diego’s let me down so much, I won’t even dare picking them this week, not to mention they’re playing at Lambeau Field.

Ravens @ 49ers :: Baltimore
We no longer get the HarBowls, so this is a sad time for us who are suckers for family stories! I look at these 1-4 teams, and they’re even. Baltimore’s favored with the line BAL -1.0, and that makes sense, because the Ravens give up 27.4 PPG, and the 49ers at 28.0.. I’ll just go Baltimore, but it’s such a tossup.

Patriots @ Colts :: New England
Maybe the Colts would benefit from resting Andrew Luck another week and playing Hasselbeck? Matt’s got two wins as the starter, and Luck’s struggled against the Patriots since entering the league, whether you want to blame the balls or not, Luck wasn’t throwing with them! In all seriousness, the Patriots had a 98% chance of beating Dallas last week, in my mind. This week in The Iron Mind, it’s a 97% chance the Pats win.

Giants @ Eagles :: New York (Giants)
This is the first time I pick the Giants in my #WeeklyFood picks, so I’m obviously going unorthodox. People laughed when I said they’d pose the biggest threat to the Cowboys’ defending division crown, and so far, so good on that crystal ball sight. I have to see consistency out of the Eagles, but I still see dysfunction. Giants are hot right now, and I’ll ride that on Monday Night.

Think you’re better than me? Drop your picks in the comment section below, and if you’re better than me, I might just mention you next week!


One thought on “#WeeklyFood 6 NFL Picks

Add yours

  1. Falcons over Saints
    Jets overs Redskins
    Steelers rebound at home over Cardinals
    Minnesota over KC
    Cincy tops Buffalo
    Stafford overcomes embarrassment as Lions defeat Bears
    Broncos hang on against Browns
    Jags over Texans
    And yes, Mr Davis, I too will take the Phins over the Titams despite a big game from Mariota
    Seattle wins, but not because the Panthers flop…solid game here!!
    Packers all over Chargers
    Niners D gets win at home over Ravens
    Pats tromp the Colts in DeflateIndy
    I’ll take the Eagles at home over the GMen


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