#WeeklyFood 7 NFL Picks

Another mediocre week for me, going 7-7, barely getting by without having to eat some nasty food for the second straight week. Yay?

I’ll keep an updated record and percentage week-by-week on these posts so you can keep up with my progress.

RECORD: 44-47 (48.4%)

Mr. Heacock just showed me up last week, getting 10-4.. Maybe he should do these instead? Or maybe somebody else should come in and try to outsmart me. Mr. Heacock has already proven that it’s not hard at all to do that! But in all seriousness, 10 out of 14 is amazing, so congrats!

Seahawks @ 49ers :: Seattle
The Hawks are coming off a home loss and the Gold Miners are coming off a home win. Difference is, Panthers were a tougher matchup than the Ravens were for the 49ers. It’s a divisional game, but I don’t see the Seahawks dropping to 2-5, do you?

Bills @ Jaguars :: Buffalo
If you want your lock for the week, this is it. The Bills may or may not get Tyrod Taylor back, but I don’t care. The Jaguars are awful and Gus Bradley, for some reason, is on the hot seat. Joe Philbin got fired after a London game, so maybe this is it for Gus? I do know one thing, Buffalo will enter the United States winners.

Buccaneers @ Redskins :: Washington
I am all over the Skins here. Jameis Winston up against a stout Redskins defense, on the road, on that turf? Plus, Washington’s the laughing stock of the NFC East, but the East is bad this year with the inconsistent Giants, the lost Eagles, and the hospitalized Cowboys. The Redskins should escape with a narrow victory.

Falcons @ Titans :: Atlanta
Tennessee is surprisingly 0-3 at home, but that isn’t going to get any better. This is outside, so the dome-accustomed Falcons offense might struggle, but it’s still a rookie quarterback against a good enough defense. Plus, Atlanta’s coming off their first loss, and I feel they’ll bounce back well, as it’s still the Titans.

Saints @ Colts :: New Orleans
This is a tossup for me. Pagano’s a worse coach than Sean Payton, and that’s the difference here. Colts are favored 4.5 points, but just so you know, the Colts were favored by 5 points when Brees beat the Colts team in the Super Bowl. Grant it, the rosters have completely changed, but still… Again, I’m not 100% confident in this one.

Vikings @ Lions :: Minnesota
Detroit has some momentum after a divisional home win, so this is hard for me to say they won’t win. I just need to see more consistency with the Lions, because they let me down plenty at the start of the season. I think the Vikings can run their offense well this game, with Adrian Peterson and Teddy Bridgewater.

Steelers @ Chiefs :: Pittsburgh
Arrowhead Stadium is a tough place to go compete at, but the Chiefs are downright pathetic, and they were before Jamaal Charles even went down. The Steelers defense has been better than expected, and if they live up to the hype this week, they can easily make Alex Smith go to bed Sunday night, bawling like a baby, crying himself to sleep.

Browns @ Rams :: Cleveland
I had to sit back and think about this one, but I end up going against the STL -5.5 line. The Browns are playing good football right now, and their record should be better. The Rams offense to me is so inconsistent. I feel as if the Browns can win an overtime game against the Rams on the road, if it comes down to it. Expect a big game for Gurley, though.

Texans @ Dolphins :: Miami
I know Mr. Heacock will pick the Dolphins, so even if I get this one wrong, he won’t have one-up on me for this. I honestly love Miami’s chances of going 2-0 with Dan Campbell at the helm. They decimated the Titans, and Houston is just as bad. Easy two games for Campbell, but they needed it.

Jets @ Patriots :: New England
Show me a man who is willing to bet against the Patriots at Foxborough in favor of the Jets, and you have discovered an idiot! In all seriousness, this could be closer than indicated by the NE -10.0 line, but come on now… Patriots win easily.

Raiders @ Chargers :: San Diego
My afternoon picks are awful, so I’m glad there’s only two, and here’s the first of them. It’s a division game, so it’s anyone’s game, especially since the Chargers like to shoot themselves in the foot. However, Justin Tuck’s done, and I feel Rivers can have a 400-yard game, and he already has 2000+ yards on the season. I’ll take the Chargers in a nail biter!

Cowboys @ Giants :: Dallas
Here’s the second four o’clock game. The Giants are coming off a loss, but the Cowboys are coming off a bye that was preceded with three losses. Dallas has made changes (benched Weeden for Matt Cassel), and they’ve been solid in the division. I think if no major injuries happen for the Cowboys, they should be able to get back to .500.

Eagles @ Panthers :: Carolina
This is incredibly tough. Both are coming off big games, and they’re headed in for another big game. I look at Carolina’s defense versus Philadelphia’s offense, and the Eagles may click this week, but it’s doubtful. I’ll bank on the Panthers D.

Ravens @ Cardinals :: Arizona
Is this even in question? I’m normally bad on my primetime games, but I feel confident in this game in particular. The Cardinals are coming off a loss to the Steelers, and the Ravens are just bad right now. The Cardinals need to bounce back, so here’s to them!

Think you’re better than me? Drop your picks in the comment section below, and if you’re better than me, I might just mention you next week! (if your name is not Heacock)


One thought on “#WeeklyFood 7 NFL Picks

Add yours

  1. While not attempting to show anyone up, I wouldn’t mind seeing another double digit in the win column this week! Here goes nothing…

    Kapernick stays hot as Niners defeat Seahawks
    Bills over Jags
    Redskins take down the Bucs
    Falcons rebound against the Titans
    Colts ride Lucks back in win over Nawlins
    Vikings over Lions
    KC surprises the Ben-less Steelers
    Rams pound the Browns at home
    YES!!! Miami wins for the first time against Houston
    Pats rip apart the amazing Jets defense
    Chargers over Raiders
    G-men over the Boys as missing QB continues to haunt
    Panthers stay undefeated at home over the Eagkes
    Cards over the Ravens…good thing they are at home!


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