2015-16 NBA Season Tip-Off

The NBA Season is about to tip off with the Cavaliers and Warriors playing in their respective games (CLE/CHI and NO/GS) on Tuesday night, so what can we expect out of this 2015-16 NBA Season, here at The Iron Jaw?


For fans of my #D46 Power Rankings, they will adore NBA Hierarchy! With the NBA having multiple games per week, I’ve decided not to do one after each game, or even after each week. For the NBA Hierarchy, I’ll be doing these games on a monthly basis, grouping October and November in this process. This will mean for some intense movement from rankings to rankings. Just like the #D46 Power Rankings, I will be ranking all 30 teams.



Don’t you wish there were one of these in basketball? My feelings towards the subject, if a player hits a three-quarter-court shot, they have earned the extra points. This article will be on a week-to-week basis, and followers of the #WeeklyFood Picks will be interested. These are going to be my NBA predictions. My goal is to post these on a Monday, and will predict some of the handpicked games. Not all will be predicted, just seven games (refer back to the article series’ name).

Most of you know if I predict less than 50% of the NFL weekly games, I have to sit through and suffer from a food I find disgusting and would prefer a peanut butter sandwich in place of. For The Seven-Point Shot series, I will have to go through a much more painful inferno… So, the two things I hate in sports are simple. It’s LeBron James, and admitting when I’m wrong. Safe to say, I still have my LeBron James jersey in the closet from when James was a part of the Miami Heat. If I can’t predict 4 correctly on a given week, I’ll wear that jersey in a video, reading the box scores of the games that I got wrong that week.



So this is another weekly article series I’ll be starting up this season. It will be an article posted every Saturday, best chance I get, with one of the 30 teams featured for that week. I will follow that team closely that week, and on Saturday, you’ll get to read a report of how they did in that week’s games, my personal thoughts on them, and what they are looking at ahead. I’m looking forward to taking full advantage of this!



I hope you all enjoy this NBA season. It’s been a long offseason, and I’m pumped for a spectacular year!


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