#WeeklyFood 8 NFL Picks

YES! Last week I did amazing as I went 9-5 and finally owned a week in the NFL. And if it wasn’t for the Oakland Raiders, New York Giants, and the Jacksonville Jaguars (how awful those teams are), I would have had a much better record. Nonetheless, 9-5 is just what I needed to get going! I’m finally above .500 on the season, as you can tell below.

I’ll keep an updated record and percentage week-by-week on these posts so you can keep up with my progress.

RECORD: 53-52 (50.5%)

Dolphins @ Patriots :: New England
The Dolphins are hot right now, and the Patriots narrowly beat the Jets at home. This is a sucker pick for many jumping on the Miami bandwagon. Yes, the Dolphins are a better team with Campbell, but they’ve played Tennessee and Houston, two of the lower teams in my #D46 Power Rankings. I’m all over the Patriots here, remaining undefeated.

Lions @ Chiefs :: Detroit
The midseason toilet bowl is here! I actually had Kansas City, but have made a change because I realize.. It’s in London!! Of course these bad teams play in London. So I’m going for the Lions since they play in an environment more suited for the Lions, than it would be if it was at Arrowhead. So I’m in for the Lions, and hopefully they don’t disappoint (again).

Buccaneers @ Falcons :: Atlanta
Ohhhh this is going to get ugly. Expect the Falcons to put up 50 easily on Tampa Bay. Well, at least 40, but you get my point. Matt Ryan’s back in the dome, and he’s going to score a lot of points. Only question is, can Winston limit the turnovers against Dan Quinn’s defense?

Chargers @ Ravens :: Baltimore
I’ll take the Ravens, simply because of homefield advantage. Plus, San Diego let me down against the Raiders last week, so I couldn’t care less about that franchise.

Vikings @ Bears :: Chicago
This is going to be a very tight game. Minnesota’s favored, but I see the Vikings more at 4-3 and the Bears at 3-4, than Minnesota being 5-2. It’ll be a very tight ballgame, and likely goes into overtime, but I’ll take Da Bears.

Cardinals @ Browns :: Arizona
There was a report out earlier this week that Bruce Arians wanted the Cleveland job. I believe he gets his players motivated for revenge on the Browns franchise, and Arians wants to show the Browns they’ll forever be the Browns without him at the helm. Plus, Josh McCown’s likely out due to a shoulder injury and Johnny Manziel’s head is not on his shoulders to play. The Cardinals should win in a great defensive effort.

Titans @ Texans :: Houston
Did you recall when I said there was a midseason toilet bowl? Looks like you get a two-for-one special! I’ll take the home team again, hoping that the defensive line shows up against Tennessee. You could see Mariota’s second-best game, and a win, if they don’t… Please, Houston, save your problems until next week.

Giants @ Saints :: New York (Giants)
The G-Men did okay last week, beating the Cowboys, but they have Drew Brees instead of Matt Cassel. Am I picking the Saints? No, I’m not. The Saints couldn’t stomp on the throats of the Colts, so why do I think the Giants will stop their own momentum in New Orleans?

Bengals @ Steelers :: Cincinnati
This is a tough one for me. I won’t chastise anyone for picking Pittsburgh, as they’re coming off a loss, will be at home, and will be motivated against the Bengals. However, Cincinnatti’s off a bye week, and that should be the difference. Again, Steelers could easily win this week.

49ers @ Rams :: St. Louis
The Rams are starting to piece things together, and it helps they have another bad team coming to town. Grant it, it is a division game, but I’ll take the Rams over the 49ers right now. Plus, the Rams are amazing inside the division. They beat the Seahawks in St. Louis earlier this year!! All over the Rams.

Jets @ Raiders :: New York (Jets)
People will be on the Raiders bandwagon after last week, and I love Derek Carr, but come on. The Jets looked really good against the Patriots last week, and I believe Todd Bowles is a better coach than Jack Del Rio. Therefore, J-E-T-S in Oakland!

Seahawks @ Cowboys :: Seattle
This is tough for me, because I love Dallas’ chances on turning it around with Matt Cassel and Darren McFadden, and Dez Bryant may or may not be back, and not to mention Seattle’s on the road, and they’re awful on the road. But if the Giants picked Cassel off three times, can you imagine what the Legion of Boom does? I’ll take the Hawks.

Packers @ Broncos :: Green Bay
It is at Mile High, but I’ll take the Packers. Aaron Rodgers and company just seem perfect on primetime games, and they know this will be a primetime game. Plus, I see the Packers as just the better overall team than Denver. It’s finally time to see Peyton Manning go down in flames, and so it begins.

Colts @ Panthers :: Carolina
I’m sorry, but I can’t see this offense doing anything against the Panthers defense. Indianapolis just needs to put up a fight so they can savor Chuck Pagano for another week.

Think you’re better than me? Drop your picks in the comment section below, and if you’re better than me, I might just mention you next week!


2 thoughts on “#WeeklyFood 8 NFL Picks

Add yours

  1. I don’t have a great feeling about this week, but here goes…

    Fins over Pats…because I will never go against my team! No bandwagon or fair weather here.
    KC over Detroit
    Falcons over Bucs
    Chargers over Ravens
    Vikings stay hot over Da Bears
    Cardinals over Browns
    Titans over Texans
    Saints over Giants
    Steelers prevail at home over Bengals
    Rams over Niners
    Jets over Raiders
    Seattle over Dallas
    Packers over Broncos…Rodgers shows Manning what undefeated looks like!
    Panthers over Colts

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