The Seven-Point Shot Week 1

This is a “Week 1” edition of The Seven-Point Shot. Miss what it’s all about, such as what my weekly punishments could be? Check out this article — 2015-16 NBA Season Tip-Off.

A few more things… I’m going to try to do all televised games, as much as it allows, one for each day. I may need to repeat some teams once or twice, but will try my best to avoid that. I’ll go Monday-Saturday, and then I’ll predict any other game of the week I pick for the seventh.

Now we’ve got that settled, let’s get down to business.

(MONDAY) Grizzlies @ Warriors :: Golden State
Personally, I love the Warriors this game. They’re at home, Steph Curry is on fire. It’ll be interesting to see Curry versus Conley, and what the matchup between Zach Randolph and Draymond Green will look like, but if Curry’s still hot, the Warriors win at the Oracle Arena.

(TUESDAY) Hawks @ Heat :: Atlanta
Ah, my first game I get to pick of my team. Well, I’m a Heat fan, but I’m going to take the opposite this time around. The Hawks were an “Elite East” team, if you can believe that. They lost DeMarre Carroll, but they still should be fairly good. I think the Heat are a better team, but they have to work on their chemistry, protecting the ball, and keeping the pace up. Entering Sunday’s game, where they swung 41 points and beat the Rockets at home, they had the slowest pace in all the NBA. I’ll take the Hawks in this game.

(WEDNESDAY) Knicks @ Cavaliers :: Cleveland
Hey now, I’m just picking one game per day right now, and I’m trying not to pick a same team twice, but I may end up doing so with these televised games. But anyway, this is a good matchup and anyone can win any given day in the NBA. The Cavaliers have looked bad without Kyrie Irving and Iman Shumpert, while LeBron’s wear-and-tear, appearing in five straight NBA Finals, is catching up to him. However, if Kevin Love is on like he’s been, I’d take him and the Cavaliers over Kristaps Porzingis and the Knicks. Carmelo needs to show up this game to shut me up.

(THURSDAY) Thunder @ Bulls :: Oklahoma City
This one is a tossup for me. Personally, Chicago’s too plagued with injuries early on in the season for me to rely on them against a Western Conference playoff team, such as the Thunder, who support two very viable MVP candidates in Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. If Rose plays, should be exciting to see him and Westbrook try to outdo each other on the offensive side of the ball. I’ll take OKC, but won’t be surprised if the Bulls end up making me upset.

(FRIDAY) Rockets @ Kings :: Sacramento
Believe it or not, I’m taking Sacramento. I look at the Rockets and they’re just too egotistical, and I don’t know how long Kevin McHale’s leash is, to be quite honest with you. The Kings are egotistical too, but will they hold Dwight Howard back against DeMarcus Cousins? And if they do, can someone tell me why I picked the Kings?

(SATURDAY) Grizzlies @ Jazz :: Memphis
I did use the Grizz twice, but it’s all the way back at Monday, so I’m fine. I like the Grizzlies in this because Utah’s awful. This is the game they’ll be airing on NBA TV, so they must have a good reason. Jazz might have home court advantage, but the Grizzlies are my pick right now, and should be yours too.

(CHOICE) Pelicans @ Mavericks :: New Orleans
This is Saturday’s non-televised game, and I’m going to be taking The Brow. As of right now, Monday morning, the Pelicans are winless. Do they enter Saturday winless? I’m not too sure, but hopefully they don’t leave Saturday winless. Dallas is already ailing right now, and the Pelicans can be a legitimate playoff team in the West. I’m confident Anthony Davis will break out for 25 points, 15 rebounds, and a win.

Would you like to pick these games? Drop those in the comment section down below, and if you outdo me, I might just mention you next week! Have a great week of basketball.


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