#WeeklyFood 9 NFL Picks

Last week I was able to go 8-6, thanks to the Packers falling in defeat to the Broncos and me switching up my pick to the Lions, which I’ll take to my grave with regret. However, I continue to stay away from food challenges since the Buffalo Chicken incident.

I’ll keep an updated record and percentage week-by-week on these posts so you can keep up with my progress.

RECORD: 61-58 (51.3%)

Browns @ Bengals :: Cincinnati
This is going to be such a blowout, despite it being a divisional game. First of all, Bengals are undefeated and they play Johnny Manziel due to McCown’s shoulder injury. Plus, the Browns are without Joe Haden, Andrew Hawkins, Brian Hartline, Donte Whitner, and if Gipson plays, he’s banged up. Go Bengals here.

Dolphins @ Bills :: Miami
The Fins are not at home and it’s a division game, but the Bills are playing bad ball right now. If Campbell can motivate this team up in the cold, they should be fine.

Packers @ Panthers :: Carolina
I’m going to keep my Panthers readers happy so they return next week, as I’ll have them beat the Pack. I don’t see Green Bay losing two games in a row, but I think being away from Lambeau will be huge. Could go either way, however.

Rams @ Vikings :: Minnesota
I expect a bigger game out of Todd Gurley than Adrian Peterson, but I like Minnesota eventually winning this game. Diggs is going to be a difference maker, as well as Mike Wallace this week.

Redskins @ Patriots :: New England
I’m not saying it’ll be a blowout, but the Patriots should win this game. If not, you might as well disqualify them from the playoffs altogether.

Titans @ Saints :: New Orleans
I nearly pick the Titans here because I see a big game out of Marcus Mariota, as well as there’s an interim coach in his first game. However, though it may be a very close game, I see Drew Brees not being stopped by this Titans defense late at home. If it was in Tennessee, this would be a different story.

Jaguars @ Jets :: New York (Jets)
The Jets have been disappointing, but if you lose to the Jaguars, the Jets will go back to being THE disappointment.

Raiders @ Steelers :: Pittsburgh
The Steelers lost Bell and the Raiders have been hot lately, but this is a trap game. Do I trust the Raiders going cross country to Pittsburgh? Not enough to pick them.

Falcons @ 49ers :: Atlanta
This is another team traveling across the nation, but I’ll take the Falcons. Why? The 49ers are a trainwreck and they are starting Blaine Gabbert, if anyone remembers him from being a bust 1st-round pick by the Jags. I won’t be entirely shocked if the 49ers win, but it’s not likely Gabbert has success against Dan Quinn’s defense.

Giants @ Buccaneers :: Tampa Bay
This is probably the hardest game I’ve had to predict this year. The Giants aren’t a great road team and it’d be hard for Eli Manning to duplicate his game against the Saints because the SuperDome is built for a big aerial game, while Tampa’s going to have to be won more on the ground.

Broncos @ Colts :: Denver
Peyton Manning returns to Indianapolis, and it’s going to get uglier than Peyton and Andrew Luck themselves. Broncos should hold the opposition to 10 points or less, while Denver puts up thirty-some.

Eagles @ Cowboys :: Philadelphia
Dallas has a lot of primetime games, and they’re not always that great in them. More importantly, they are winless without Tony Romo and the Cowboys don’t defend their home field that well. I’ll take the Eagles this game.

Bears @ Chargers :: San Diego
Not knowing Forte’s condition, as well as the turmoil reported inside the Bears, I’ll take the home team Chargers.

Think you’re better than me? Drop your picks in the comment section below, and if you’re better than me, I might just mention you next week!


One thought on “#WeeklyFood 9 NFL Picks

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  1. Short and sweet this week…
    Packers with the upset as Aaron rebounds masterfully
    Vikings in a tight one
    Pats in an absolute blowout


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