The Seven-Point Shot Week 2

Week 2 of the NBA predictions with The Seven-Point Shot. I’m going to try to do all televised games, as much as it allows, one for each day. I may need to repeat some teams once or twice, but will try my best to avoid that. I’ll go Monday-Saturday, and then I’ll predict any other game of the week I pick for the seventh.

But before we get to that, my Week 1 didn’t go as planned. After beginning the week 3-0, I choked worse than LeBron James in the NBA Finals… Speaking of..

I’ll keep an updated record and percentage week-by-week on these posts so you can keep up with my progress.

RECORD: 3-4 (42.9%)

(MONDAY) Bulls @ 76ers :: Chicago
I can’t make it up, that this is the only televised game on Monday night. I’ll take the Bulls. If they beat the Thunder last week and lose to the 76ers tonight, I’ll be more than upset. That’s enough said.

(TUESDAY) Thunder @ Wizards :: Oklahoma City
Once again the only televised game this day. I personally believe Kevin Durant should have a nice homecoming, and with the offseason rumors, he wants to KILL the Wizards. I’m expecting 40 points for Durant, and Westbrook should put his due in. I’ll take Durant and Westbrook over Beal and Wall.

(WEDNESDAY) Spurs @ Trail Blazers :: San Antonio
I like LaMarcus Aldridge coming into Portland. I don’t know how big of a game he has, but the rest of the Spurs should beat the Trail Blazers team. Lillard will have a pretty big offensive performance, but I don’t know how great defensively he’ll be against Tony Parker. This crowd will be energetic, and they’ll definitely have a Cavalier-type feel, like LeBron’s first game back in Cleveland when he chose to “take his talents to South Beach”.

(THURSDAY) Clippers @ Suns :: Phoenix
It can go either way. It’ll be the Clippers second straight game on primetime, having the Mavericks on Wednesday night, so I think the Suns can rile the Clippers down and catch them on an off night. Possibly? I hope so.

(FRIDAY) Cavaliers @ Knicks :: Cleveland
This is a rematch of a primetime game I picked last week, and the winner will remain the same. For some odd reason, I think LeBron James and the Cavaliers know when they’re on television outside of the local Cleveland garbage. I’ll take the Cavaliers with big games out of James and Anthony, and I won’t count Dellavedova out here.

(SATURDAY) Nuggets @ Suns :: Phoenix
I’ll pick the Suns to win once again, being the only televised game on Saturday. Personally, I don’t like this Nuggets team, at all. I think the Suns, if they don’t upset the Clippers, they should at least win this game versus Denver.

(CHOICE) Mavericks @ Rockets :: Houston
Many will hate me for avoiding the Clippers/Mavericks game on Wednesday, so I’ll make it up to the Dallas fans… Well, not really. I’m taking the Rockets in this game, considering they’re the deepest team, even if Dwight Howard sits. I’ll bank on James Harden.

Would you like to pick these games? Drop those in the comment section down below, and if you outdo me, I might just mention you next week! Have a great week of basketball.


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