#WeeklyFood 10 NFL Picks

This is the tenth edition of #WeeklyFood Picks and I’m so grateful to be able to do this. All of you, my supporters, seem to genuinely enjoy this article series. I hope I make your proud this week with another win, and escape from some nasty food.

Let me remind you, if I do not get 65% or better by the end of the season, I have to suffer through a bowl of pinto beans and chocolate syrup. I’ve had it once in my lifetime and promised I’d never go back! Can I uphold that?

I’ll keep an updated record and percentage week-by-week on these posts so you can keep up with my progress.

RECORD: 68-64 (51.5%)

Bills @ Jets :: New York (Jets)
Two stout defenses who won’t give up much. I’d almost pick Rex Ryan in his first game back, but I believe the Bills are the least healthy team. I’ll bank on Todd Bowles and this extraordinary defense.

Jaguars @ Ravens :: Jacksonville
Yeah, I’m actually taking the Jaguars. I think this offense is coming into fruition, and they’re up against a Ravens team who has been hurt, and Flacco has nobody to throw the ball to. The Ravens are actually favored by 5.5 points, but I think the Jags have the potential for a very big upset this week.

Lions @ Packers :: Green Bay
Do I really have to explain myself on this one? It is a division game, but come on. The Packers losing those two games were against great defenses on the road… They’re coming back to play the Detroit Lions at Lambeau. I’lllll take the Packers and live with the consequences.

Dolphins @ Eagles :: Miami
This offensive line for the Eagles was motivated last week against Greg Hardy, but that was the only true threat on that line. They now have a tougher defensive line who has dropped two straight division games. What does the Dolphins need to do? They need to win this road game against Philadelphia, and it doesn’t take much to shake up Sam Bradford.

Browns @ Steelers :: Pittsburgh
It’s dangerous when I’ve changed my picks on a hesitation, but I do so here. I was thinking how I could pick the Steelers in a division game without Big Ben and Le’Veon Bell, but it’s simple, really. The Browns have just as much injuries as the Steelers do. Pittsburgh, however, has Antonio Brown and DeAngelo Williams. It’ll be a low scoring game that I think the Steelers can end up winning. Plus, I’m a big Landry Jones fan from his days back in Oklahoma.

Bears @ Rams :: St. Louis
Okay, Chicago’s gotten lucky; 3-0 against AFC West teams that John Fox coached against last year when he was the Broncos head coach. They now go up against a legitimate Rams team on the road, and I think the Rams are going to kill the Bears. Do we have any hunters? When’s bear season?

Cowboys @ Buccaneers :: Dallas
This is more of a hopeful pick than any. I’m a Cowboys fan, and they’ve lost six straight. I know Romo’s important, but are you telling me you can’t win one game without your starting quarterback? Just one? The Buccaneers give up 28.9 PPG and the Cowboys face a rookie quarterback in Jameis Winston, who let’s be honest, isn’t surrounded with much. I think Jason Garrett can outcoach Lovie Smith. If the Cowboys lose this game, they’d have to win out.

Panthers @ Titans :: Carolina
The Panthers have won on the road against the Seahawks and they’re coming off a great home victory against the Green Bay Packers. If they lose to rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota who has NOTHING around him, I’ll swallow the pill.

Saints @ Redskins :: New Orleans
You’d imagine if they lose to the Titans and then the Redskins, that Sean Payton’s future in New Orleans ends in January. I think it’s going to be an ugly game to watch, but the Saints take it. It’s a tossup game in Washington DC this week.

Vikings @ Raiders :: Minnesota
Another game that can go either way, but I’ll take the Vikings based off their defense. You shouldn’t expect the Vikings to give up 35 points to the Raiders like Pittsburgh did last week, but you could expect the Raiders giving up 38 points again. I’m heavily concerned about this pick if Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t play, but I’ll still root for this Vikings defense.

Chiefs @ Broncos :: Denver
Earlier this year, the Denver Broncos won at Arrowhead. This time around, they’ll be without DeMarcus Ware and Aqib Talib. However, the Chiefs offense is so bad, the Broncos could have seven players on defense and still not give an inch. I’ll take the Broncos because I’ve lost all hope in the Chiefs. But I’ll say this, if the Broncos lose consecutive weeks of me picking them, I’m filing a lawsuit.

Patriots @ Giants :: New England
This is the hurdle the Patriots need to climb, and they can make it to 14-0, assuming they get lax in those final two weeks. The Patriots have a history of losing to the Giants, but I haven’t been wrong in picking the Patriots so far this year, I won’t begin now. The undefeated streak is in jeopardy in East Rutherford.

Cardinals @ Seahawks :: Seattle
Fact of the matter is, the Cardinals are a great team, but the Seahawks still hold the 12th Man advantage. I’m not saying the Cardinals can’t come in and win, but I think the crowd’s going to be active and make things difficult on this offense. The Seahawks need this win more than anything right now, so their hopes of a division crown is on the line.

Texans @ Bengals :: Cincinnati
I think the Bengals could actually lose this game, as I think the Patriots could as well. However, the Texans have been atrocious this season, so I can’t instill my confidence in them. It’ll be very interesting to see how Andy Dalton performs on a primetime Monday Night Football game.

Think you’re better than me? Drop your picks in the comment section below, and if you’re better than me, I might just mention you next week! Mr. Heacock bested me this week, posting an 8-5 record to my 7-6. As a matter of fact, who here is better than Heacock?


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  1. I say that there will only be 2 undefeated teams following week 10. Who you ask? Read below.

    Can I outdo The Ironjaw again??

    Titans dethrone the Panthers


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