The Seven-Point Shot Week 3

Last week, I had the best winning percentage ever in predictions, taking into account #WeeklyFood Picks, as well as The Seven-Point Shot, getting 85.7% of the games correct last week, which is a 6-1 record.

Unfortunately, I must apologize to all my readers for the following reason. This content comes on Wednesday due to me being awfully sick since this weekend. To makeup for it, I’ll do both primetime games on Wednesday night and Friday night. I hope you enjoy!

I’ll keep an updated record and percentage week-by-week on these posts so you can keep up with my progress.

RECORD: 9-5 (64.3%)

(WEDNESDAY) Pelicans @ Thunder :: Oklahoma City
Maybe if you’re asking me to blindly take one of these teams in September, I’d consider the Pelicans, but this is no question. New Orleans has had a 1-10 start, the worst in the Western Conference this year. Grant it, it’s Anthony Davis and nobody else, but I don’t see them going on the road to beat Westbrook, Durant, and their company. I’ll take OKC at home.

(WEDNESDAY) Bulls @ Suns :: Phoenix
The Suns are a very nice home team, and they’re fighting for much more than the Bulls are. Chicago can easily get into the playoffs, while the Suns know they have to win 50 games or else. I’m going to bank on the Suns, especially since Derrick Rose’s ankle sprain.

(THURSDAY) Warriors @ Clippers :: Golden State
The Clippers are going to try to end the impressive 12-0 undefeated streak by the Warriors, but they’ll try to no prevail. This will be down to the wire, but I feel Curry’s putting in about 40 points, and someone else should step up to down the Clippers this game. I can’t bet against Golden State right now.

(FRIDAY) Spurs @ Pelicans :: San Antonio
The Pelicans are awful right now without point guard depth, and they’re going to have a bad week. They have the Thunder on the road, and they come back home for a pop quiz against the Spurs? I’m not liking the chances of NOLA right now.

(FRIDAY) Bulls @ Warriors :: Golden State
I get to predict both these teams again because of my sick leave, and I’ll bet against the Bulls once again, and I’ll pick the Warriors to win once again. Golden State is the only team yet to lose, and I don’t see them losing their next two games. They beat the Clippers on Wednesday, and they come to the Oracle Arena to beat a Bulls team.

(SATURDAY) Bucks @ Pacers :: Indiana
This would be a great matchup on NBATV, but I’ll take the Pacers, simply because they’re at home. Paul George looks to be back to his original form, and I’d love to watch Paul George go up against Jabari Parker, a young star in his own right.

(CHOICE) Hawks @ Cavaliers :: Cleveland
I’d likely take Atlanta if they were at home, but I think the Cavaliers can win a home game against the Hawks. I believe LeBron recognizes the importance of winning a game early against the Hawks, who were their biggest competition last year in the East. If nobody else steps up, I can at least trust LeBron James to do so and give me a win here.

Would you like to pick some of these games? Drop those in the comment section down below, and if you outdo me, I might just mention you next week! Have a great week of basketball.


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