#WeeklyFood 11 NFL Picks

I actually lost last week, going with a 6-8 record. Normally I’ll have a video of me eating some disgusting food, but with me under the weather this week, I was in no shape to be in front of a camera filming, let alone making myself sicker with the substance entering my body. Therefore, next week will be a guaranteed video, released on Thanksgiving Day, of my loss. If I lose this week, however, I’ll double-down and cry myself a river to flush the nasty stuff down with.

I’ll keep an updated record and percentage week-by-week on these posts so you can keep up with my progress.

RECORD: 74-72 (50.7%)

Titans @ Jaguars :: Jacksonville
I picked the Jaguars to win last week, and they came through for me, so I’m going to pick them again this week. They face an atrocious Titans defense, and I like Blake Bortles and the “A-Team” of Hurns and Robinson. I’ll take the Jags in this game!

Colts @ Falcons :: Atlanta
I’m sorry, but if Dan Quinn can’t rally his guys to beat the Colts, this Falcons team won’t be ready for the playoffs.

Rams @ Ravens :: St. Louis
This is tough for me, but I’ll take the Rams beating the Ravens. This would be considered an upset, but hopefully Case Keenum relies on Todd Gurley.

Redskins @ Panthers :: Carolina
This should be an easy win for the Panthers team, but I don’t believe they underestimate anyone. I see it being a low-scoring game, while we see Kirk Cousins back to being… Kirk Cousins. Nothing spectacular.

Broncos @ Bears :: Chicago
DeMarcus Ware will miss this game, as well as Peyton Manning (maybe that’s a good thing). John Fox and Adam Gase had Brock Osweiler the past few years and they know how he works, so they’ll be able to stop him, I’m sure of it.

Raiders @ Lions :: Oakland
I can’t believe I’m about to say this but… I don’t see the Raiders losing three straight… I know, crickets!! The Lions are awful and shouldn’t be 2-7 right now, so I fully expect the Raiders to bounce back and win this game.

Jets @ Texans :: Houston
I’ve got the Texans in this game, simply because they’re the home team and their defense is coming on. I think if they stop Andy Dalton, they should be able to stop whoever quarterbacks the Jets offense. I’m going to love this defensively sound game!

Cowboys @ Dolphins :: Dallas
There’s no team favored over the other, and in any other scenario, I’d take the Miami Dolphins. HOWEVER, I know Mr. Heacock, a great follower of mine, always picks the Dolphins and never fails. I’ll make this a ‘Michael versus Scott’ game, and pick my Cowboys.

Buccaneers @ Eagles :: Philadelphia
I can’t see Tampa Bay winning another game after last week, and I can’t see Philadelphia losing another game after last week. Why? Because the Eagles are a .500 team, and they’re currently 4-5… It just makes sense!

Chiefs @ Chargers :: San Diego
I think the Chiefs are riding their high horses after beating the Broncos (no pun intended), so I think the home team Chargers could upset the Chiefs right now. Plus, San Diego got a much needed week of rest, so that must be taken into account.

Packers @ Vikings :: Minnesota
This is tough for me to pick, but this Vikings defense is the real deal as of this moment. I don’t think the Packers get things fixed right now, as they fall to 6-4 and give up a two-game lead to the Vikings in the NFC North.

49ers @ Seahawks :: Seattle
Spell blowout for me. Everyone wants to critique the Hawks, but trust me, they’re killing the 49ers at home. Seattle will be back to 5-5 and they’ll be back in position to make a late-season run.

Bengals @ Cardinals :: Arizona
We saw both of these teams in primetime games last week. The Cardinals soared on Sunday Night Football, while the Bengals faltered on Monday Night Football. Between an extra night of rest and a better performance under the bright lights last week, I’ll take the Cardinals, who are at home with the second-best point differential in the league.

Bills @ Patriots :: New England
Listen to me carefully, the streak very well may end this Monday Night against the Bills. The Patriots are without Julian Edelman and Dion Lewis, while the Bills aren’t running their mouths like last time. Plus, the Patriots came off their biggest test while beating the Giants, yet looking the most vulnerable. However, I won’t bet against the Patriots, because that’s just not smart. I’m just saying, watch out!

Think you’re better than me? Drop your picks in the comment section below, and if you’re better than me, I might just mention you next week!

(I-O-U a food punishment next week!)


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