#WeeklyFood 13 NFL Picks

After an extended vacation, The Iron Jaw is back to what he loves doing best! And in the final five weeks of the season, I have to get to 65%, which will be tough, but it can be done with expertise. I’ve got a good feeling about this week… Going out on a limb and saying I’ll knock 12 games for a season-best.

I’ll keep an updated record and percentage week-by-week on these posts so you can keep up with my progress.

RECORD: 81-79 (50.6%)

Packers @ Lions :: Green Bay
Detroit hasn’t swept the Packers in a single season since 1991. I think everyone’s jumping on Detroit’s bandwagon, but we must remember it is still the Lions… And it’s still the Packers… Let’s be real.

Texans @ Bills :: Buffalo
If it was in Houston, I’d be all over the Texans. But the fact that it’s in Buffalo, it gives the Bills a slight edge.

49ers @ Bears :: Chicago
Two weeks ago, I picked the Bears at home against a backup QB.. If they have me regret this twice, I’ll instantly place the Bears at 32 in my next Power Rankings, returning Tuesday.

Bengals @ Browns :: Cincinnati
Personally, I can’t see Cleveland winning another game this year. Can you?

Ravens @ Dolphins :: Miami
I nearly picked the Ravens, but I like Ryan Tannehill much more than I do Matt Schaub. Call me crazy, I think Dan Campbell is the head coach of the Dolphins, but this might be the game that’ll determine his fate. Can Campbell pick his team up, outcoach John Harbaugh, and get a home victory?

Seahawks @ Vikings :: Seattle
Jimmy Graham’s done for the year, and if this was the Saints, it’d be crucial. The Hawks are on the road, but they’re fighting for their season right now. Call me crazy, but I think they go to Minnesota and win big. I can’t buy into the Vikings team considering they lost big at home against the Packers, who have had their struggles as of late.

Jets @ Giants :: New York (Jets)
I had to specify which New York team I was taking. I would take the G-Men, except they stunk against the Redskins and Eli Manning was turning the ball over, and now they have to play the Jets defense. The Giants can win their division without this game, but the Jets need to win this game to stay in the wild card hunt.

Cardinals @ Rams :: St. Louis
The Rams are on a losing streak, the Cardinals are on a winning streak, but St. Louis is an incredible divisional team, and they’re at home. I see a letdown coming from the Cardinals that nobody’s calling, except for me that is.

Falcons @ Buccaneers :: Atlanta
This will be a tight game, whom I nearly picked the Buccaneers… But Devonta Freeman is back and the Falcons are truly fighting for their playoff hopes. Even if the Falcons have fallen off lately and go on the road this week, I take Quinn’s coaching a thousand times over Lovie Smith’s.

Jaguars @ Titans :: Jacksonville
I am loving the Jaguars offense, and if they can score in the red zone, they should cruise to a win against the Titans. It’s a risky pick to ever take the Jaguars on the road, but I’ll be trying it here.

Chiefs @ Raiders :: Oakland
Kansas City’s hot and I’m crazy this week, so I’ll continue the trend, electing the Raiders to be winners this week.

Broncos @ Chargers :: Denver
Remember how I said I’d win twelve games this week? Every time I pick against the Broncos, they win. Every time I pick Denver to win, they lose games (Indianapolis and Kansas City prime examples). So I’ll pick the Broncos, knowing they’ll lose, and accept the loss.

Panthers @ Saints :: New Orleans
Now they’re the sole remaining undefeated team, they’re going to lose. The Saints are such underdogs at home to the Panthers, it’s insane. Yes, Carolina’s good, but this will be closer than people expect. Plus, if New Orleans wants to make a late run at the playoffs, now’s the time.

Eagles @ Patriots :: New England
Don’t be shocked if the Patriots win out, with Week 17 being iffy if they play their starters. The Patriots are still, in my opinion, the best team in the league and they’ll be getting the dysfunctional Eagles at Foxborough. I may go 1-15, but this will be that game I’m right.

Colts @ Steelers :: Indianapolis
I’m terrible at primetime games, and the line is PIT -7.0, so you know what that tells me? Well, the Steelers are favored by a touchdown at home against a team with the same record, 6-5. Matt Hasselbeck is undefeated as the Colts starter, and I think Indianapolis has the team to go up to Pittsburgh and win.

Cowboys @ Redskins :: Dallas
Look, this isn’t a homer pick, this is a trend I’ve began this week, going heavy on underdogs. I did it with Indy, and now I’m doing it for the Cowboys. Dallas has extra rest in their back pocket, which health issues have been their problem all season. The Redskins have been great at home, but they nearly gave up at the end to the Giants. This might be the only game or two Dallas will win the rest of the way, but this is the safest pick the Cowboys come away victors.


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  1. Looks as though we will be butting heads a lot this week!!

    Dolphins…without fail


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