Super Bowl 50: The Final Play Call

I would say that one of the more important things in the profession I’m pursuing, sports journalism and broadcasting, is being wrong on occasion. I can’t begin to tell you how many people will sway with what the public says with the fear of being wrong, or being in the minority. Taking great risks in predicting outcomes is one way to reach great rewards, whether you’re right or wrong in the end, it’ll pay off and earn you respect.

You’ve been following my website through Super Bowl Week, and I truly hope, in agreement or not, you’ve enjoyed every word written. But now it’s time to make my prediction for the 50th Super Bowl, and lock it in, hoping it’s worth a million bucks.

For those whose rock doesn’t have Wi-Fi or satellite reception, the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos are meeting in Santa Clara, home of the San Fransisco 49ers, to determine the best of this NFL season and which team will be getting their championship rings. They both have some of the most impressive defenses, and Carolina’s offense is pretty good too, scoring the most points this season of any team in the NFL. So it’s no surprise either of these teams are in the league’s big game, after all, they were the #1 seeds in their respective conferences!

Before I give you my prediction, I took a survey earlier today, open to anyone who doesn’t have their dog in the fight. I got twelve responses, with seven out-of-state football fans weighing in. I want to let you know what they had to say.

Two-thirds of the polled took the dabbin’ and dancin’ Carolina Panthers to win the game, three of whom live in the home state of the Panthers, but openly rep other teams. Of the eight, two fans took the Panthers to win by double-digits, no more than 14 points. The rest? Well, they all figure it’ll be a close game, all within six points or less. I saw score predictions anywhere from 20-14, 23-12, to 55-51!

The other part of the pie chart took the Denver Broncos to prevail, with a couple of those from North Carolina, betting against the home team! Only one picked it to be a one-score game, with the Broncos winning by 4 points, and then the others chose Denver to win by double-digits, ranging from 10 to 14 points. Interestingly enough, the ones who picked Denver to win, and provided a final score, think they’ll score 34 or 35 points.

I was caught off guard by the general consensus, though I felt most would pick the Carolina Panthers, I was stunned to hear a couple of Carolinians pick against the home team, and say the Broncos will win convincingly. Before I polled some of my loyal readers, I felt the majority would pick the Panthers and pick them by a landslide, like they did to Seattle and Arizona earlier in the playoffs, and that the ones who would pick the Broncos, would pick them narrowly.

I’m more shocked because of the high scores I received back, considering we have two of the top defenses playing in the Super Bowl.

Now let me kill my audience… Because I don’t completely agree with any of the feedback I got back, mainly because of the defensive play by both teams. I don’t believe we see a shootout, or even that great of offense. It won’t be the public’s favorite air-raiding game, but if you love defense, you’re sure to enjoy Super Bowl 50 beyond the finger foods.

I see this game going to either team, but it’ll be one of the lowest scoring games of all-time, and likely comes down to a late field goal to propel one of these teams over the other. My final prediction is a victorious Denver Broncos team, 19-17, a Super Bowl where only 36 points are scored, the least since Super Bowl XLII eight years ago when the Giants beat the Patriots, 17-14.

This game will be tight, it’ll be close, it’ll be the public’s “boring” game, but any football fan who respects both defenses will enjoy it. I’m taking Denver’s defense because the last time we saw a #1 defense versus a #1 offense, the number-one defense owned, just a couple years ago with the Seattle Seahawks beating the then-great Broncos offensive attack. Carolina’s offense can’t hold a candle to what Denver had a couple years ago, and I believe this Broncos defense is better than the 2013 Seahawks defense.


Once again, one of the most important things in this profession is to be wrong. I’ve taken a risk, predicting a lower scoring game than anyone else, and a tighter margin of victory than anyone, and I’ll see tomorrow night if it pays off. Everyone enjoy the game, leave your Super Bowl predictions, and be sure to come back for the Super Bowl fallout on Monday!


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