NFL Players as Dream WWE Superstars!

The WWE has had their fair share of former collegiate or professional football players to enter the squared circle as a career, and most have found more success. Some of these greats include The Rock, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Kane, Roman Reigns, Ric Flair, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and many, many more.

This piece will be my first ever “crossover” article, available in the Football and Wrestling categories, as I look at current football players who’d likely have the same success in the WWE. And what better time for this to come out than the first week of the NFL offseason?

Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett, DE of the Seattle Seahawks

Bennett is an easy one for me. When have we ever known Michael Bennett to go out, play football, and keep his mouth closed? It seems at least two or three times a year his name will come up because of his comments on social media alone. Michael Bennett would be able to cut a good promo to get under the opponent’s skin, and his physical attributes and hard-hitting ability will be able to carry him in the ring.




Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman, CB of the Seattle Seahawks

I’m a personal fan of Richard Sherman’s on the field. I believe he’s incredibly intelligent and he’s a dream cornerback that anyone would love on their football team. I seem to be the only non-Seattle fan to adore Sherman, really because of that wrestler-esque promo cut on Erin Andrews after the ’13 NFC Championship Game versus the 49ers. With Richard Sherman’s intelligence, the passion and intensity he possesses, he’d be able to get any fan to hate him, and the hype for a WWE Network match would be off the charts!



Clay Matthews

Clay Matthews, LB of the Green Bay Packers

Clay Matthews is someone I would regard as the dirtiest player in the National Football League. However, nobody agrees with me. Matthews is the perfect guy to bring in as a babyface who pushes his boundaries and at times will go beyond and break the rules. If anyone forgets, after winning the Super Bowl, Clay Matthews actually made an appearance at the end of a Friday Night SmackDown edition in Green Bay, which amounted to nothing because he was never seen from again. I say we bring Matthews back, at least for a few months.



Rob GronkowskiRob Gronkowski, TE of the New England Patriots

Rob Gronkowski would put the “entertainment” in sports entertainment! Gronkowski is always willing to party and have fun, so the crowd would feed off the energy Gronkowski would bring to the ring with him. Rob Gronkowski has issues with staying healthy on the football field, so I have the perfect solution… Rob Gronkowski, if nobody was aware, attended some WWE NXT events at Full Sail University, supporting friend and former teammate Mojo Rawley. Rawley and Gronkowski’s personalities mesh, and figuring we’d just cut Rawley’s current partner Zack Ryder, Gronk and Rawley can team up together. How’s “The Meatheads” sound to you?



Greg OlsenGreg Olsen, TE of the Carolina Panthers

Greg Olsen looks like he could fit in perfectly with the Wyatt Family. He’s 6-foot-5, 253 pounds, and he could be a solid fifth member of the Wyatt Family. I wouldn’t even rule out him as the golden goose to turn on the Wyatt Family, a group who brought him into the WWE, and form a good faction to oppose Bray Wyatt’s monsters. I could see a very good six-month buildup to such before Olsen would go on his own. If the Wyatts could bring no-name Braun Strowman up, without Strowman ever touching NXT, they could certainly bring in an All-Pro tight end from the Carolina Panthers.



Cam NewtonCam Newton, QB of the Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton might be the perfect sports entertainer, and I think Vince McMahon would fall in love with him so hard, he’d have a bigger rise to stardom than Roman Reigns did. Cam Newton is 6-foot-5, but he’s such a physical specimen at quarterback for the Panthers. Cam Newton has the physical attributes and the charisma to connect with the fans. I could see Newton being innovative and bringing a couple new moves to the ring, and be the face of the WWE.





Can you think of anyone else who you’d like to see in the WWE? Add on to the list below!


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