Keep the Stars Aligned

Have you ever seen a constellation? Well if you’re like me, you haven’t, but you heard it back in school! They teach you pointless stuff, and like the internet, you can see a lot of pointless sports pieces when it comes near the trade deadline, more particularly in the NBA.

I’ve seen every name pop up in the rumor mill from Kevin Love, to Dwight Howard, to Hassan Whiteside, to Carmelo Anthony, to Blake Griffin, so if all these rumors were true, we’d have a completely new NBA and it would look as if we just got done doing a “Fantasy Draft” on NBA 2K.

I’m here to keep you away from the smokescreens out trying to get clicks on a slow news week of no NBA games, no NFL games, no MLB games, and I’m here to tell you if you have been fooled to think any of these players would help another team win a NBA title this season, you’re sadly mistaken.

Let me start by mentioning, that I listed five players above who have been in the most trade rumors on the web this week. Look back at those five players and tell me how many rings they’ve got in their NBA careers, which totals up to zero. So while they may be big names, they’re not helping you win a championship because they haven’t helped win anyone a championship yet, though all due respect to Hassan Whiteside who hasn’t been around long enough to even try, he’d still not make a playoff team into a title contender. But of the other four, they’ve combined for 35 seasons in the NBA, 35 chances to bring their team a title, and haven’t, not once in their career.

So now that we’ve brought all those stars down to earth, let’s look at the teams who have made blockbuster midseason deals in the past. recognized the Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Portland Trail Blazers for their deadline deals last season, yet neither team improved their real shot at the Larry O’Brien trophy last year, and only one team made it to the postseason, the Trail Blazers losing in 5 to the Grizzlies in the opening round. We can keep going back to the teams that made these “groundbreaking” deadline deals, even as far as when the Knicks traded for Carmelo Anthony back in 2011, but the 6th-seeded Knicks were swept that year by the Celtics, again, in the opening round.

So since I’ve proven that a lot of these urgent trades have become irrelevant to a team’s title aspirations, what will win a NBA championship if not for midseason trades? It will come through the free agency period and the draft. Look at our recent winners, the Golden State Warriors who drafted Stephen Curry and signed Andre Igoudala. The San Antonio Spurs team have had Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Kawhi Leonard from the onset. The Miami Heat drafted Dwyane Wade and lured Chris Bosh and LeBron James during free agency. The Dallas Mavericks had drafted Dirk Nowitzki. Eventually, these draft selections and free agent signings pay off in the biggest ways.

Since I believe everyone’s done looking through their telescope now, and they’ve stepped back to be amazed at the constellation in front of them in how they’re placed in now, let me ask a serious question… Why would a team be willing to trade an All-Star caliber player? If these aren’t just made-up rumors for clicks, why would a professional sports team trade one of their best, if not their very best, players? Do you really believe if they felt they were that much of a crucial component to a championship recipe, they’d keep them? And if their talent and value on the court is as good as advertised, is more of the reason underlying off the court tendencies that these organizations can’t tolerate?


I hope everyone has taken a step back with this short and to-the-point article, realizing that these midseason trades are nothing to be begging for, because it won’t lead your team to the promised land, but only the land of empty promises.


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