Saving WrestleMania 32

So if you weren’t previously aware, WrestleMania 32 is around the corner, and it comes with having a hallway full of injuries from the established drawers, the five-star wrestlers, the more than capable mid-card talent, and the young and rising superstars of today, all are dropping like flies. And in perhaps one of the worst cases of the injury bug in WrestleMania history, they’re having to make do with what they have and still try to make sure this isn’t reflected back as one of the worst shows in WrestleMania history either.

There was a movie that WWE Studios produced, partnering with Warner Bros, with the idea of the movie being Scooby-Doo and his friends made every effort to try and save WrestleMania… Now, the WWE creative must do the same! The card is basically etched in stone, so I’ve decided to come up with the best solutions as to saving WrestleMania from the gutter.

Andre the Giant

Before the main show ever begins, the third annual 20-man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal will take place and it is normally to have the low-carders getting their WrestleMania paycheck to be apart of the weekend’s event in some capacity. The only winners, Cesaro and Big Show, have virtually gone on to do nothing substantial in the year following. To keep fans interested in the idea of a battle royal, the winner must go on to actually accomplish something. Therefore, I believe the winner of this battle royal should be a former NXT superstar, that way this can launch his career and kill the bad rep Vince and the main roster has, seeing how some of the NXT greats are used horrificly after being called up in recent years. Someone like Tyler Breeze would be the ideal winner in this case, considering he’s a former NXT competitor, he never won gold in NXT yet being extremely talented, and he’s capable of being apart of WWE’s future Mania extravaganzas.


Daniel Bryan

There is a seven-man ladder match where Kevin Owens is set to defend his Intercontinental Championship with a 14.3% chance of walking out of Dallas still the champion. However, looking at the pool of competitors, I can only see a 75% chance of Owens losing, whether it be to Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler, and I reluctantly throw The Miz into that pot. What if the fans see an underdog climb the ladder and retrieve the prestigious title? I see Sin Cara, whose partner Kalisto is the reigning United States Champion, and that would make for something special to see who is better and if they were to merge the two belts. There’s Stardust, formerly known as Cody Rhodes, who is always a throw-in to a match like this and never wins, though he has all the talent in the world to carry the belt, because he did it twice under his Rhodes name. Then most of all, there is Zack Ryder who is the ultimate underdog and an IWC fan favorite since he made his “Internet Championship” on his YouTube show. Imagining the crowd going crazy over Ryder winning the title would set the tone, especially if this match goes on first.


Lesnar vs Ambrose

Dean Ambrose is scheduled to face Brock Lesnar in a No Holds Barred Street Fight. Ambrose is the “Lunatic Fringe” who doesn’t care what he has to do to himself, as long as he has a chance of hurting the other person, while Lesnar is the “Beast Incarnate” who has  given everyone the understanding he WILL hurt you and doesn’t care how many times you’ve been suplexed, you’re in danger of always taking another. These might be the two most credible superstars in terms of how dangerous they are, and adding weapons only stirs the pot. The fans, they love to see blood and with the product leaning more towards violence in the recent months, this match would disappoint if at least one of these guys isn’t dropping buckets of fake blood all over the mat. I can see the two tearing each other from limb to limb and once the match is finally over, nobody will care if Ambrose won or not because both men would’ve remained credible after a brutal, gory encounter.


Divas Revolution

The Divas Championship is being defended by Charlotte against two other “Horsewomen” from NXT in what seems to be the dream match booked by the common fan. Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks would both be capable at winning this match and holding the belt through the entire summer, helping the divas division to new heights in the meantime. However, it’s not about WHO wins this match, but it’s about this match itself. One of the many gripes about the main roster is how useless diva matches are, because in four minutes they’ve already entered the ring, done their thing, and off to the locker room. While at NXT, each of these women can go for 20-30 minutes when called upon. Back at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable, Sasha defended the NXT Women’s Championship against Becky Lynch in a match longer than the main event itself, which happened to be Kevin Owens versus Sami Zayn for the NXT Championship. People are clamoring for the divas to get more airtime, but quite frankly no other diva can entertain you for ten minutes like these three can. If we give these ladies 15-20 minutes to settle things in the ring, this might steal the entire show.


Undertaker WM30

Can you kill what’s already dead? WWE is going to have to try to find the solution to that this Sunday, because if The Undertaker can not defeat Shane McMahon, he’ll have to retire. On the other hand, if Shane McMahon fails to win, this is likely the last time we see Shane in the WWE for a long, long time, if ever, and his return was only to compensate for the injuries. WWE’s backed themselves into a corner with this “Company vs Career” match with the fans wanting both wrestlers to win. If they are indeed going the route of Shane O’Mac winning, then Undertaker needs to go out with his last breath. A simple ‘Coast to Coast’ or an elbow drop from the top rope will not do it, as there needs to be something more memorable and much more convincing. Perhaps they could escape the Cell, climb the structure, and Undertaker could fall through the ceiling as Mankind did? Whatever they decide to do, if it involves Undertaker losing, then there must be a way to top off every WrestleMania moment in history by something jaw-dropping taking place. And in my humble opinion, a simple interference won’t cut the cake.


Roman Reigns WM31

For the second year in a row, Roman Reigns is at WrestleMania to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and just like last year, the fans don’t want Reigns to win the belt at all. There’s a strong feeling that if his match goes on last, it will demolish the entire show. This is why, the title match does not need to main event, but more importantly, Roman Reigns can not defeat Triple H at WrestleMania in Dallas. This likely means another month or two with Triple H being the champion, but it’ll give someone else the chance, like a Dean Ambrose, to defeat The Game and win their first world championship. If Triple H can simply retain his championship, it’ll show the WWE Universe that management does in fact hear their voices, and it’ll give them hope for the product moving forward. Plus, I fear if these fans get upset at Roman Reigns winning, they’ll burn down AT&T Stadium and my Dallas Cowboys will have nowhere to play this season.


How do you think WWE can save their biggest show of the year? Leave it in the comments section down below how you’d be Scooby-Doo and save WrestleMania.


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