Introducing Jersey Journalism

Though the cover photo may be misinterpreted, no, the car is not the one you should be focusing in on. Also do not get the impression I am selling my Dallas Cowboys jersey, because I’m not that deep in debt yet…

As we enter the summer months and close in on the 1-year anniversary of the website, I’ve been trying to come up with new ideas to bring onto the website, and not only that, but to use this site to show growth in my endeavors to be a sports writer. I’m going to try venturing in something I’d likely be introduced to somewhere down the line, and that is something I like to call “Jersey Journalism”.

Below, you’ll be able to find a FAQ list featuring some questions you might have, as it pertains to Jersey Journalism. This should give you an idea of what this new feature on the website will represent.

What does “Jersey Journalism” mean? It’s normally a fan of their sports team writing about their own team. This is normally on a site exclusive to their favorite team, but they’ll write an article about something that interests them, and they’ll put it out there. The main thing is, this targets a particular fanbase, and without starting a totally brand new website, I’ll keep my work here and put it under this tab.

What can I see in the Jersey Journalism section? Well, under the tab labeled “Jersey”, you’ll be able to find news, rumors, game recaps, and even lists as it pertains to my favorite teams. This will target a fanbase of professional sports teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Miami Heat, Texas Rangers, and lower-level teams such as the Duke Blue Devils and the minor-league affiliate of the Rangers, the Hickory Crawdads.

Why should I care about any of those teams? This feature targets an audience who are fans of any of those teams mentioned, which I’ve surrounded myself with on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. For ones who aren’t fans of those teams, I’m often asked by those as to what I think about a certain outcome. Let’s bring up a scenario where the Dallas Cowboys lose a game to the Cincinnati Bengals, and then a Steelers fan shows up in my messages asking me how that happened. Then there’s always a player on my team gets hurt, and they want to know how that’s going to look and what that team can do to fill that void. Looking at this section will hold any and all thoughts about the day-to-day happenings of my favorite teams, and I’m sure some people will like to hear my opinions when a team of mine loses.

Why won’t you cover any other teams? It is extremely difficult to cover the every move of one team, let alone two, let alone the five teams I’m beginning with. These are teams I have more knowledge of than any other team, and ones I follow like a diehard should. I picked the teams I could write about, even in their offseasons, and that people could be interested in. I want to enjoy what I do, and even imagining writing about the Dallas Cowboys or the Miami Heat for a living down the road, it is a special thought. Perhaps if I am writing these five, handling it well, perhaps I begin to branch out and cover a second team, a third team, with news and recaps. Never say never, because you’ll never know when you’ll see another team covered on this website.

Are you going to have trouble being unbiased? For anyone who knows me well, I am highly critical of how my team plays. Though I am hopeful and try to be as precise I can be, at times the trouble will come when trying to give them more credit than the public gives them. Examples would be in the 12-4 Cowboys season back in 2014, I dreaded it, feeling we’d be lucky to get 6 wins that year. The first year of the “Big 3” in Miami, many felt they were strong favorites to win the title, but they exceeded my expectations by even making it to the NBA Finals. The 2015 playoff season of the Texas Rangers, I thought they would be a bottom-feeding team. The previous year in Duke, they went further in the March Madness tournament than I had expected, picking them to exit in the Round of 64. And not to mention the one year I picked the Hickory Crawdads to have a down year, they won the SAL Championship, despite not having the most talented roster since I started going in 2013. So if any of those recent examples tell you anything, I’ll call it as I see it.

Are you going to use this platform to rant? This section, like the rest of my site, will show a side of my commentary or personal opinions, ones I’m not afraid to hide. I’m sure when a rant is necessary, I can deliver. For example, if I’m outraged at how a team’s conducted business and is on a downhill slope, I’ll voice my frustrations on behalf of the fanbase and constructively criticize what’s went on, while trying to give a feasible solution on how to fix it and get back to their winning ways. However, I promise this is not a typical fan who drowns out every other team and analyst, while saying no team can touch MY favorite team. I also promise not to use vulgarity in Jersey Journalism, as well as any other part of my site. I believe using vulgar language in an argument is childish, and it makes your stance (whether right or wrong) lose all chance of being a legitimate and credible opinion.

Will you still put time and effort into other sections? Of course! Some of my favorite articles are the #D46 Power Rankings and my #WeeklyFood Picks, and those will be up every week still when the season gets underway. I still enjoy writing pieces about the postseasons, like you saw during the NFL’s playoff time and at some points during March Madness. You’ll also see plenty of wrestling articles coming your way, as it’s an exciting time to follow professional wrestling. None of this will go away, however, Jersey Journalism will get me even more motivated to come on the site and write, and I expect to have more fun than I’ve ever had before.

How can we expect this to last? I’m an honest guy, so I’ll say you can’t. You’ll see projects I never finished, such as the NBA Team Trigger. The reason why is I have a statistics page, where I can read how many people are reading my articles. Encouraging numbers are ones I’ve found with high school football articles, a WrestleMania article I had written, and pieces about the NFL playoffs. I know you read those, I know my hard work is being seen, and I continue to produce those. I don’t want to shove a link down your throat you have no interest in. If I have low viewership on my articles, I’ll have to do something to fix that. The difference between something like NBA Team Trigger and Jersey Journalism is, the Team Trigger was just a cookie-cutter series about NBA teams, and when time got taken away by other happenings, it was the least interesting thing on the website and it got cut. I believe Jersey Journalism won’t suffer the same fate, but I feel it’ll also be a lot more fun writing about my favorite teams, rather than just a season preview article on the Brooklyn Nets, that nobody can seem to care about.

Will this section go through dry spells? My track record shouts yes, again, I’m just being honest. There was a month, the final month of the NFL’s regular season, that I had to take a break and get some relief. Then there was a time recently where I broke my finger, which is why you never saw a final NFL Mock Draft, nor anything about the NBA playoffs recently, being that it’s kind of hard to type an article with a broken finger. I’ll be starting college in the fall, so I’m sure to have some of my free time go away. So to say this section will never be dead for a week or two, is like saying we won’t get a snowstorm in 2016, when it’s May, and you just can’t see that far! The fullest intent is to have this be one of the more updated sections on the entire site, and I believe it has enough to be just that.

How often will this section be updated? When I began to be homeschooled, there was a fear that it wouldn’t work out, and a couple times it was looking as if it wouldn’t. My two fears beginning Jersey Journalism is that it won’t last, and the other fear? My other fear is that it’ll be updated TOO MUCH for my regular audience to take it. I suppose that second fear is healthy. But do not worry that this section will be updated or not, because it will. Covering five teams, game recaps alone will make this a daily produce, which this site has been lacking. At one point, I’ll have to recap Cowboys football, Duke football, Heat basketball, and Duke basketball all at the same time. And as the basketball seasons die down, I’ll have baseball to keep this going strong. Not to mention, along with game recaps, I’ll be making lists and writing opinionated articles on the teams in the offseason, as well as credible news and rumors articles. This will be your section for anything pertaining to those five teams, and I’m sure you’ll love it. I promised to be an alternate to ESPN, and I will try my best to be it.

Will you post articles on Sundays? If you know me, since the beginning of this site, I have not posted once on a Sunday. Reason being, is I feel my Christian audience can take that day, go to church, read their Bibles, and just relax while growing in their faith, as while I hope to do the same each Sunday. Though I watch football on Sundays in the fall, I make time to read the Bible as well, and I don’t feel right neglecting my service to God, or time I like to share with Him. For that reason, I don’t want to be the same neglect to anyone else, so I separate Sunday as that one day and put God before my sports writing endeavors. With that said, I recognize games are played late on Saturday nights and I won’t be able to get an article in by midnight, and I already am aware that a Sunday afternoon game will hit and people might not care for an article recapping a game the day before, such as one of baseball. I also understand with news broke on Sunday, it’d be hard to wait to report that the next day. With all that said, I’m GUARANTEEING you that I will never post an article on Sunday. But know, I will put extra effort into those articles that might come 1-2 days late and will make it worthwhile that reading them will not be a waste of time.

When will you begin posting in Jersey Journalism? I will start pumping articles on Monday, May 30, 2016. This will give me an idea on how I want to handle weekend games going forward and get a little experience on my belt. I’m hopefully I will be able to deliver Saturday and Sunday games to you, which will include game recaps of the Texas Rangers and Hickory Crawdads. And who knows, if I gear up any interest before then, maybe a list where I rank something worthy of the Cowboys, Heat, or the Blue Devils. You’ll just have to check back to find out!

What do you look to gain from Jersey Journalism? Well, I’ve brought up being more motivated and having more fun when it comes to Jersey Journalism, as well as filling that void where I could go days without posting an article, even weeks, just because there’s nothing to talk about. I also want to remind people of why this site was made in the first place. Without being employed, and even turning down job offers, even ones that paid a lot of money, I decided to make this WordPress site and launch it to the public. I’ve been able to write what I please and to bring enjoyment to lives of my friends, family, and close supporters (I’m not big enough to have “fans” yet). I look to bring enjoyment when you read any article on my site, and I hope you get enjoyment out of this particular section that’ll be known as Jersey Journalism. Also, this site is here for any future employer to look at, as well as colleges and professors. The plans are to going to community college this fall and transfer out after two years, and I’ll need a backbone to demand the attention of universities. This is my backbone, this is my experience, and this is a way to let an university know why I am needed at their campus.

How can I stay up-to-date on your articles? There are several ways in which you can keep in touch with me and be aware of what I’m posting, when I’m posting it, and to where you can go to read it. One suggestion is that you follow my Facebook page, Michael Davis, where you will see me share every article I write, sometimes multiple times, so you won’t miss a thing. Another suggestion is to follow this WordPress site, and by doing that it’ll get you an email notification every time I submit an article and get it to the public. On the home page, it should be in the bottom righthand corner, a button saying “+ Follow”, enter your email address, and you should be good. If you don’t have either a Facebook or an email you check often, you can save the homepage link into your browser’s favorites and check back every day for more. Personally, I recommend Option A or B, simply to relieve you of the stress of checking back often to see if you’ve missed anything, it’s more automatic to do the first two suggestions. Either way, thank you, and I hope to see you comment on the pieces you find interesting!


Have any more questions not touched in this article? There’s a comments section down below that’ll receive my response. God bless!


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