Ron Leary’s Status in Dallas

Ronald Leary was an undrafted free agent in 2012 out of Memphis and ever since entering the league, the Dallas Cowboys have committed to developing Leary and succeeded in making him apart of the Cowboys dominant offensive line in 2014. However, Leary’s injury concerns made room for another undrafted rookie free agent in La’el Collins, and now it seems that Leary’s days in Dallas are numbered.

Leary has removed any and all Cowboys references on his Twitter account, @RonLeary75, saying he’s now an “Offensive Lineman in the National Football League”, so his bio states. This has caused some stir that Leary no longer wants to be a Cowboy and wants gone at all costs, but does he really?

Ronald Leary signed a one-year tender this offseason that is worth $2.5 million in 2016. If Leary hadn’t of signed, then Leary would have been eligible to skip all team related activities, in hopes the Cowboys would honor Leary’s wishes in dismissing him from the team by rescinding the tender. Now Ronald Leary, because he signed the tender, is in the position where he could be fined if he no-shows.

I imagine Dallas likely sits on Leary as the backup to second-year pro La’el Collins, and it’s likely not until the trade deadline until we hear anything. It is understood the Cowboys want to capitalize on trade value on Ronald Leary, and we could see an injury around the league potentially increase the value of a guard like Leary. Until then, I would be baffled if Leary doesn’t come into camp and try to open up a competition with La’el Collins once more. If anyone remembers, Leary beat out Collins in camp as the starting left guard and lost his spot due to a plagued season of injuries. To think Leary has no confidence in opening eyes in the front office to reclaim a starting job at left guard is beyond me.

If Ronald Leary came to me and asked for my advice, in all-be-it a fantasy realm, I would suggest he report to mandatory camp and perform at his very best. Though I believe La’el Collins is the starter moving forward, the sooner Leary can improve his trade value, the sooner he can start on another team in the National Football League. After all, Leary owes Dallas for the opportunity since ever entering the league, to at least act as a professional before he’s traded in October.


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