The World Series Hangover

Why are the Chicago Cubs slow out of the gate this year? I explain why we're seeing this unexpected slow start.


Using the Farm Systems

Okay, I'm going to be bluntly honest. If I was to have a weakness, it is baseball articles. I think I have only written one in my entire life, and I honestly can't ever remember publishing it, so it may have just been an idea that stuck in my head. This site was made to... Continue Reading →

Getting to Know Michael: Baseball

This post is really a four-parter in just letting you know a little more about myself and my interests as it pertains to a certain sport, this one being of the baseball culture. Entree: Major League Baseball Side Dish: Minor League Baseball Favorite Professional Team: Texas Rangers Favorite Minor League Team: Hickory Crawdads (I go watch them all... Continue Reading →

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