The World Series Hangover

Why are the Chicago Cubs slow out of the gate this year? I explain why we're seeing this unexpected slow start.


Watch Out for Gallo!

Make yourselves aware of the young Rangers third baseman before he hits another home run shot.

Using the Farm Systems

Okay, I'm going to be bluntly honest. If I was to have a weakness, it is baseball articles. I think I have only written one in my entire life, and I honestly can't ever remember publishing it, so it may have just been an idea that stuck in my head. This site was made to... Continue Reading →

Getting to Know Michael: Baseball

This post is really a four-parter in just letting you know a little more about myself and my interests as it pertains to a certain sport, this one being of the baseball culture. Entree: Major League Baseball Side Dish: Minor League Baseball Favorite Professional Team: Texas Rangers Favorite Minor League Team: Hickory Crawdads (I go watch them all... Continue Reading →

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