The NBA’s Equality Era

For the last several years, we have heard tales that the NBA's cap room for the 30 teams would significantly increase. But like graduating high school and moving on to the next phase of your life, you don't know how it will unfold until you're in that situation. The moment the clock struck midnight, we... Continue Reading →

Kevin Durant More Than Gone

After Oklahoma City's miraculous run past the Spurs, they went up 3-1 against the defending champion Golden State Warriors and were one win away from the NBA Finals... until they lost three in a row and were eliminated in Game 7. Many believed that up until Oklahoma City's final three games of the season that... Continue Reading →

Respect the Dubs

Respect the Dubs? Don't you see every channel I turn to, every Facebook post I read, every tweet I scroll through, it's all about Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors, and outrageous 3-point shots? Well, my response to that is, we should be giving every ounce of respect to the Warriors, a historical team we'll... Continue Reading →

LeBron’s Unimpressive Feat

With a 113-87 victory on Friday night against the Toronto Raptors, LeBron James advanced to his sixth consecutive NBA Finals, a mark beginning from the 2010-11 NBA season. Many people are applauding LeBron James for doing something that hasn't been done in 50 years - yes, Michael Jordan couldn't even do this. But is it... Continue Reading →

Warriors or Thunder

The Cleveland Cavaliers have advanced to the NBA Finals, their second consecutive trip, as well as LeBron's sixth straight NBA Finals appearance. The Western Conference Finals are still up for grabs while the Thunder lead their series with the record-setting Warriors at 3-2. I dissect both scenarios in whom the Cavaliers could be potentially matched... Continue Reading →

NCAA Final Four: Preview

The basketball season for college student-athletes ends this weekend and perhaps one of the more wide-open seasons in recent history. There were six teams, at one time or another this season, who were ranked #1 in the AP Top 25, and Kansas were the one team to be ranked #1 twice. But after a tumultuous... Continue Reading →

Greatest Tarheel Squad Ever?

The North Carolina Tarheels played their school's very first men's basketball game on January 27, 1910, defeating Virginia Christian with the score 42-21. Who knew on that day the Tarheels would grow to be one of the more prestigious basketball programs in the entire nation? Since the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament began back in 1939,... Continue Reading →

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