Jawsworthy NFL Picks Week 10

Entering Week 10, who should win this week? Find out your safest bets inside.


College Apex: Week 10

After two losses, are Penn State and Ohio State still top ten teams?

#D46 Power Rankings Week 9

It's becoming clearer by the week which teams are "for real" and will be making pushes toward the playoffs... and some who are already scouting the great class of quarterbacks coming out next year. Let's get down to it! 32. Cleveland Browns (0-8) -- The Browns can't even catch a break on their bye week!... Continue Reading →

Jawsworthy NFL Picks Week 6

So last week I didn't perform as strongly, but still managed a 7-7 record to avoid a losing week. Problem is, I didn't have a winning week either! So it is back to the drawing board for me. Overall record: 43-33 (56.6%) Eagles at Panthers :: Philadelphia This is the best Thursday Night game we... Continue Reading →

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