WWE Brand Wars: Week 3

In the WWE Draft's pro-con list, one of the positives is a return of some healthy competition between shows Raw and SmackDown. We get to see a different depth in the Authority/Bryan rivalry from 2013-14 as Stephanie McMahon commissions the flagship program, while Daniel Bryan tries to help the "B+ Show". It's also inevitable we... Continue Reading →

#D46 Power Rankings: Preseason 2016

It's hard to imagine I made this same post back last year. This time, I'm giving it to you a month advance. Why? People can become mesmerized by the preseason, and I should remind everyone the 2008 Detroit Lions went a perfect 4-0 in August, but had the only 0-16 season in the NFL's history.... Continue Reading →

RIP Childhood: The Streak Conquered

There are certain moments in life that you never fathomed, yet you remember the place you were that day. These moments, whether good or bad, are so extraordinary, its place is etched forever in history. To avoid hitting soft spots, I'll only mention one of these moments, and it was in the pro wrestling world.... Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Why Durant Why

The Iron Jaw returned to the mic to discuss the big topic; Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors. Michael Davis discussed why the salary cap played a huge part in forming a Big 4 in Golden State, and why today's culture the fans have created has influenced Kevin Durant to the Warriors.   You... Continue Reading →

The NBA’s Equality Era

For the last several years, we have heard tales that the NBA's cap room for the 30 teams would significantly increase. But like graduating high school and moving on to the next phase of your life, you don't know how it will unfold until you're in that situation. The moment the clock struck midnight, we... Continue Reading →

Free Agency Factors

Free agency:¬†the state of a professional athlete who is free to negotiate a contract to play for any team. That is what it means to be in the free agency pool as a sports athlete in a team sport. To give you more information on what free agency means, it is an offseason event¬†where nothing... Continue Reading →

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